Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shri Adi Shakti Online Puja - 2017

Please join us for an online puja on Saturday, June 10th, 2017, at 11 am EST (GMT-5).

More details will be sent to the participants, closer to the event.

See here a countdown for your local time.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Nirmal Nagari - Men At Work - Sahasrara Puja 2017

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Men At Work - Sahasrara Puja 2017

The boys and men helped clean up the water tank amid other activities on the Sahasrara Puja Weekend. Here are some pics for your enjoyment !

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Invitation for Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2017, Cabella

With immense joy and devotion we want to invite all the Sahaja Yogis of the world to offer Puja to our Divine Supreme Mother, in Her complete form as Shri Adi Shakti, in which She was worshiped for the first time in Cabella on 6 June 1993.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Recollections of Shri Mataji by Dan Costian

The first time I met Shri Mataji it was in October 1990, at the airport in Bucharest. Her kind face emanated a tremendous but appealing force. She wore an overcoat of a light brown color and Her head was covered with a scarf. Some of us came forward to kiss Her hand, ignorant of the fact that nobody was allowed to touch the Goddess without Her permission.

I saw Her again in the Palace Hall, on the next two days, when She gave two consecutive talks. The 4,000-seat hall was overcrowded; some people were seated on flap seats. Then we Sahaja Yogis sat on the floor, between the first rows and the stage, creating a cordon around Shri Mataji.

In December 1990, the French Sahaja sangha invited a group of seven Romanians including myself to go to India. After most of the Yogis attending the India tour were already at Pratishthan, we arrived there and were greeted by Shri Mataji. I remember Her staying at the top of an exterior flight of stairs next to a small room between the first and second floors, where She used to stay at that time since the house was under construction. She thanked us for coming. I felt overwhelmed: How could it be possible that God would thank you? On the contrary, we were those who ought to be thankful to Her!

In the first photo, Shri Mataji is on the stairs outside the History Museum, Bucharest, where there was a Sahaja Yoga exhibition, in 1991. She is seen leaving the Museum after visiting the Sahaja Yoga exhibition. It was a big event which was presented on the National TV program and another TV program broadcast through all the country.

Shri Mataji again visited Romania in July 1992. Meanwhile, our collective had become much larger, as could be seen when we greeted Her at the airport. From there, She was driven to Elisabeth Palace, a former royal residence. There She was hosted in the king's apartments. A small group of Sahaja Yogis waited for Her next to the entrance. Shri Mataji stopped in front of a young lady who, very shy, waited behind the others. Mother asked her why she was so sad and the lady answered that the doctors had diagnosed a cancer tumor in her intestine.

Shri Mataji invited the lady inside, like a true compassionate Mother. She asked for a glass of water and charged the water with vibrations, putting Her left hand into the glass. She gave the water to the lady telling her to drink from it because it is good for the left channel. While drinking, the lady was asked to hold her right hand through the open window, driving the negativity outside the house. Mother advised her to take ajwan fumigations at her Mooladhara chakra and to sleep with kumkum on her forehead. She called the lady's husband and told him he had to help his wife. When the patient went for a checkup, the doctor was astonished to see that the tumor had disappeared. The lady lives to this day (sixteen years later).

Shri Mataji sat in an armchair and the leader of France gave Her Feet a prolonged massage. I sat on the floor together with other Sahaja Yogis and absorbed the waves of vibrations She bestowed around Her. A young couple that desired to get married had asked me permission to request Mother's blessing. In my turn, I entered the apartment and humbly asked for Her accord. Then, to my great surprise, Shri Mataji asked me what I thought about this marriage.
The next morning, Shri Mataji consented to pay a visit to an important exhibition we had organized for Her arrival. The exhibition was in the imposing building of the Museum of National History and had been presented by the National TV program while another private program broadcast its own throughout the entire country. Mother stopped in front of a bust of Plato, which was placed among other great realized souls. She said that Socrates had been a great prophet, while Plato had distorted the teachings of his master. After visiting the entire exhibition with great patience, Shri Adi Shakti took rest on a couch and we, Her children, sat on the floor at the holy Feet of our Divine Mother.

After 1992, Shri Mataji gave public programs in Romania every year at the Polyvalent Hall, where every time 3,000 to 6,000 persons received their self-realization. Each year She used to go for shopping, usually in the 'Unirea' (meaning, 'Union,' that is, 'Yoga') supermarket. There She bought crystals, either uncoloured or cobalt colored in blue or red. I think they were for Baba Mama's beautiful collection I had seen during the visit I paid to his house in Nagpur. The building had been designed by Shri Mataji and looked like a palace.

Mother also used to buy many handicrafts. She loved beautiful handmade things: vases, ceramics, tablecloths, high-quality porcelains and dishes decorated with folklore motifs. At other times, She used to buy fabrics for saris, men suits, which She used to ask a Yogi to put on so She could check the size. She would say: this is for X, the other would go to Y, and so on, like a loving Mother choosing outfits for Her children. She would shop for hours, exploring each floor of the huge general store. When She was done, especially with the handicrafts, She left behind empty shelves. The vendors could hardly keep pace with Her, packing. We carried all the packs to the cars outside, following Shri Mataji's Mercedes.

One time, when Mother exited the 'Unirea' supermarket, a group of gypsy women surrounded Her. They had recognized Shri Mataji from the countless posters spread all over the capital. She gave all of them self-realisation by just asking them to hold their palms towards Her and asked me to invite them to the public program that evening. Then, something strange happened. A young man appeared from nowhere and came smiling within reach of Shri Mataji, offering candies to Her from a paper bag. After treating everyone around, he left us without a word, in the same sudden way as he had made his appearance.

During the fall of the same year, 1992, Shri Mataji blessed Romania again with Her holy presence. She came to Timisoara, where Diwali was celebrated for the first time in a country from Eastern Europe. The puja was attended by hundreds of Sahaja Yogis from Russia and other ex-communist countries, but not so many from the West. We had also invited many Indian brothers and sisters. Only two to three months before the puja, the Romanian authorities decided to impose severe restrictions for admitting people from certain countries, including India, into Romania. All our actions ran into closed gates and we gave up. At that moment, we got a call from Italy, announcing that Shri Mataji also needed an entry visa. We went immediately to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where someone suggested to contact the Indian Embassy.

There we found a fax from an Indian Sahaja Yogi who came forward as guarantor to all the Indians on an attached list including all our brothers and sisters invited to Diwali. With the list favorably endorsed by the Indian Embassy, the same day the Romanian authorities gave their consent to the admission of our invitees. Such a quick and sudden change of attitude just a day before the puja was a real miracle. As a matter of fact, Shri Mataji was a bearer of a diplomatic passport and needed no visa.

Accompanied by Sir CP, Shri Mataji arrived by flight from London to Bucharest and from there took the train to Timisoara. This was the city where the Romanian Revolution had started, making possible the opening of Romania toward Sahaja Yoga. After arriving at the Continental Hotel, where an apartment was booked for the guests of honor, Sir CP shared with us his good memories about his former visit to the Romanian shipyards.
In the evening, after fireworks at the city's stadium, we had the puja and Sahaja Yogis from various countries performed a musical program. Then, Shri Mataji offered presents to each participant (there were hundreds, maybe a thousand) until 6 am. This was another lesson given to us by the Divine Mother: of love and patience. Mother had asked me to tell Her about each lady if they had a long or short hair, so She could accordingly offer them either a hairpin or another ornament. Later on, She told me that women should fasten their long hair. Only the Goddess can wear loose hair.

We returned with Shri Mataji to the palace, where She was staying. I had the courage to present Mother with the manuscript of the 'Bible Enlightened', of which I had just completed the first part. At that time, the book had no title. It was chosen later on by Shri Mataji. She opened the manuscript at a specific page and showed me a mistake I made translating a Sanskrit word. I was amazed: She went directly there! Then She decided the book would be printed in India. I felt extremely happy being thus encouraged to go on with this work. I had finished reading the Holger Kersten's Jesus Lived in India and had some uncertainties.
'Shri Mataji, did Lord Jesus really die on the cross?' I asked.

'Yes,' came Her answer, 'He died, indeed, then He resurrected.' I asked if the Turin Shroud had belonged to Lord Jesus, and Shri Mataji confirmed that fact.

On the day of the public program in Bucharest in September 1994, Shri Mataji was shopping from 10 am to 5.00 or 6.00 pm. The lady looking after Her carried a little basket with a few Diet Coke cans for Her. After returning to the palace where Shri Mataji was hosted, we were surprised to find out that we were neither hungry nor tired. Shri Mataji, as usual, asked us as a careful Mother if we were hungry.

'No Mother, we already had Your vibrations feeding us,' we answered, which was true. And the program was at 8.00 pm! In fact, Shri Mataji had no rest at all before the program. She came at 9 o'clock, allowing us to give the introduction. To us, these prolonged shopping sessions were a lesson of endless love and patience.

When Shri Mataji returned to the palace after the program, She was as fresh as a flower. She either asked to watch the Romanian news on the TV (we learned that this was Her way of putting Her attention on Romania's problems) or desired to watch one (sometimes even two) Indian movies, which She translated for us. We were prepared for this request, having borrowed videotapes from the Embassy of India. One evening, She watched the movie Ghost with us and told us it is realistic in what concerned the ghosts. After the public programs, Mother usually went to sleep at about 3.00 or 4.00 am.

We had rented the queen's apartments for Shri Mataji, in the palace. The furniture was inspired by Persian art, and Mother immediately noticed this and referred to the Parsis in India. A pianoforte was in the living room. After the public program, Mother asked us which bhajan would we like Her to play the piano, and then She started to play. As I was listening to Shri Adi Shakti's interpretation, I fully understood the meaning of the words 'divine music.'
One morning, after breakfast, Shri Mataji told me that I had a hot liver. She called a Sahaja Yogini and asked her to bring some ice cubes wrapped in a towel. She insisted that I should put the ice on my liver, holding it with my left hand while keeping my right hand towards Her.

'Now, it's better,' Shri Mataji said after several minutes, I then realized that we were really cells in Shri Adi Shakti's body and She suffered every time something was wrong with us.
In Romania, the problems came from a religious organization. It so happened that one time they put pressure on the Romanian Government to ban all the 'sects'. When I told Mother about that, She said that this organisation would be exposed and we should not worry, then She gave a bandhan.

'Anytime you have a problem, give a bandhan,' She said.

From that day on the bandhan has helped us many times, no matter how serious the problem was when we brought it to the attention of the Divine.

Sometime after I was appointed the leader of Romania, Shri Mataji permitted me to give a massage to Her Holy Feet, using eucalyptus oil. She had taken rest on a sofa and during the massage She fell asleep like a baby, holding Her arms above the head. I felt like the vibrations became stronger than before and realized that even while sleeping, Mother worked on us. On another day, I was given the opportunity to massage Shri Adi Shakti's Lotus Feet during a puja, in Bulgaria I think.

To go to Sofia, we had to fly by Air Bulgaria. We had a big surprise finding how small their aircraft was, with only two dozen places. A short ladder gave us access under the tail of the plane. Shri Mataji made no comment. On such a small toy plane, we expected to have a very bumpy flight, especially on a hot summer day, with ascending and descending air streams due to convection. The presence of Shri Adi Shakti allowed, however, the airplane to hover as smoothly as a car on a modern highway. After that, She traveled between Bucharest and Sofia by sleeper train.

In December 1995, at Ganapatipule, the country leaders were asked to see Shri Mataji. We entered the villa and sat around Her on the terrace floor. I offered a freshly printed copy of Bible Enlightened to Mother's Holy Lotus Feet.
'Only you could have written this book,' Shri Mataji told me, and I was aware that no one else had heard this. The sun went below the horizon and a power failure turned the villa into a total darkness. We stayed like that for about ten minutes, but to me, it seemed an eternity spent in the Kingdom of God. The world around ceased to exist.

On August 2nd, 1996, Shri Mataji was invited to give a talk at the Ecological University in Bucharest. She was greeted by the President of the University, a member of the Romanian Academy and several deans. Mother was invited to the Principal's office where She stayed long enough to not disappoint the hosts.

At the end of Her conference, the President of the University presented Shri Mataji with the Diploma of Doctor of Cognitive Science of the University. It was an impressive moment and the audience applauded for a long time. Mother left the stage, passing by the audience and, halting before a man I had never met before, She smiled.

'How do you do?' She asked him.

Leaving the university, Shri Mataji expressed Her wish to see the city. We realized why: elections were coming up for the President and the Parliament of Romania. On the previous day, we had presented Her with photos of the two leading candidates for the presidency, and She made a comment about one of them—the person who was elected as president. From the car, we had shown Shri Mataji the main institutions: the Parliament, the Presidential Palace, the headquarters of the police and the Secret Service, the Palace of Justice, and others.

After the public program in the Polyvalent Hall, Shri Mataji stayed for a while on the stage. A Sahaja Yogi came to me, saying that a general of the army, the department head of the Central Military Hospital, had asked for the favor of being received by Shri Mataji. She sent him word to come to the Elisabeth Palace next morning at 9 o'clock.

The next morning, I was very surprised to see that he was the gentleman Shri Mataji had asked, 'How do you do?' Mother had just had Her breakfast. The general waited patiently and had brought a rose for Her. I already knew him by reputation from a Sahaja Yogi, who told me he was a proud man. Here he had turned into a different man — timid, apprehensive, like a child before his mother.

Shri Mataji asked me to show him into the living room of the royal apartment where She was hosted. The general entered hesitantly, offering to Shri Mataji the flower, which had meanwhile withered. Mother was seated on a couch, surrounded by thousands of flowers brought by the Sahaja Yogis. She graciously accepted the modest flower and kept it in Her hand during the entire meeting which strongly impressed him. Shri Mataji invited him to Vashi to meet Dr Rai. He was extremely happy and the next January went to Vashi for two weeks. Later he wrote the foreword to the Romanian translation of Dr. Rai's book.

Shri Mataji decided to go shopping. At the bottom of the stairs, a young newspaper woman asked Her for an interview. She was even more emotional than the general. When She was asked about the future, Shri Mataji answered that it does not interest Her because She knows it. This statement became the title of the article which the lady published. She later became a Sahaja Yogini.

After the 1997 Diwali celebration, Shri Mataji sent word for me to come to Her apartment at the 'Palácio de Seteais' at Cintra, Portugal. 'Seteais' means 'Seven Sighs,' evoking the Holy Breeze nourishing the seven chakras. She asked me if I intended to go on the India Tour and my answer was negative. After She asked me about the Romanian collective, She again asked the same question. I hesitated to answer. She said that many beautiful temples would be seen during this tour.

'You would not pay for the tour, I invite you,' She added, noticing my hesitation, and guessing the real reason of my incapacity to go to India. The tour that year was amazing, including Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Madras, Cochin, Bangalore, and Ganapatipule.

In 1999, in Turkey, I asked Shri Mataji for permission to leave Romania and live with the rest of my family, in the United States.
'You may go now, Sahaja Yoga is established in Romania,' She smiled at me and said.

When I arrived in America it was the spring of 2001. The same year, I attended the Shri Krishna Puja at Canajoharie. At the end, She offered presents to the American leaders. I was also called on the stage, and Mother gave me a wonderful painting by Roybal.

'I know you appreciate arts,' She said. To me, this was a kind of 'Welcome to America.'

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Yogi, your iPhone meditation companion, now speaks English, French and Romanian


Now you can use the app to meditate in English (with Tim), in French (with Catherine) and in Romanian (with Giulia and Sorin).

Download the latest version here:

The app is mainly for new comers to Sahaja Yoga, but not only.

Select the issues in chakras and the app will create a meditation just for you. 

Chat with the app in natural language.

French (using Google translate)

Maintenant, vous pouvez utiliser l'application pour méditer en anglais (avec Tim), en français (avec Catherine) et en roumain (avec Giulia et Sorin).

Téléchargez la dernière version ici:

L'application est principalement destinée aux nouveaux arrivants de Sahaja Yoga, mais pas seulement.

Sélectionnez les problèmes dans les chakras et l'application créera une méditation juste pour vous.

Chat avec l'application en langage naturel.


Acum puteți folosi aplicația pentru a medita în limba engleză (cu Tim), în limba franceză (cu Catherine) și în limba română (cu Giulia și Sorin).

Descărcați cea mai recentă versiune aici:

Aplicația este destinată, în principal, noilor veniți la Sahaja Yoga, dar nu numai.

Selectați problemele din chakre și aplicația va crea o meditație doar pentru dvs.

Puteti discuta cu aplicația în limbaj natural.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nirmal Nagari Camp Opening 2017 (Canajoharie)

Camp Opening 2017

Few yogis got together the weekend of April 29-30 and helped clean the kitchen, hangar and the pole barn. Found a Robin nest with eggs in the kitchen and relocated it. Weather cooperated with us throughout and all the tasks got accomplished. Here are some pics to enjoy.

Read more.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Vilamba India Tour

Hi, everybody.

Yes, it's really going to happen!  

We've been invited to go to India from Christmas 2017 to mid January 2018!  

We'll be doing musical programmes and giving realisation in schools and colleges right across the Sub continent. Once we arrive we are guests of the Indian collective and we're really excited about this, the only thing is that first we've got to get there, and for this we need a little help
Please see our fundraising campaign –  There are 3 ways that you could give a hand:
  • Purchasing a perk (downloading our songs, getting a ticket to a virtual concert or simply a big thank you from us)
  • Making a direct contribution by clicking 'Back it' at the top right of the campaign page
  • Sharing this with friends who might be interested
Many many thanks
Finbar, Rama, Josef, luca and Claudio

Monday, 17 April 2017

Daglio Camps 2017 – Invitation

We are delighted to invite you this summer at our beloved Ananda Mela home in the Daglio hills.

SWAN for Thursday, April 13, 2017

Borotin Spring Term - Aunties Needed
The Spring session is getting closer and closer. We are still missing at least 4 bedroom aunties.

Sahaja Yoga Village, Shri Ganga
In 1996, Shri Mataji had already asked for land to be purchased on the banks of Shri Ganga. The purpose of this land was for Western yogis to have a place in India where they could live together collectively or retire.

The DEVI School, Canada
After a tremendous journey of many years, of many countries around the world, and of many hearts full of pure desire...

Visa application for Pujas in Canajoharie, USA
It is with great joy and anticipation that we are preparing for pujas in Canajoharie for 2017.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Puja Invitation, 2017 - Cabella, Italy

It is our greatest privilege to know about the incarnation of the Shri
Adi Shakti, the Queen of the Sahasrara and to offer Puja to Shri
Mataji Nirmala Devi. She has lead mankind to the level of complete
integration of everything that we had known before and whichever can
be known in future by allowing us to be in the presence. With the
opening of the Sahasrara everything what had no meaning before started
to make sense and was filled with life. By Her infinite grace, we
human beings have become one with the Divine and have reached our
ultimate destination.

Wellness Camp 2017

From: Sahaja Yoga World Foundation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Jai Shri Mataji!

We all know, Cabella Ligure in Italy is a land blessed by our beloved Mother H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Mother has spent 20 years in Cabella and bestowed upon us tremendous opportunities to offer more than hundred Pujas in Her Sakaar form.

With our hearts bowed in Her bhakti and love, we at Sahaja Yoga World Center, invite all Sahaja Yogis from all over the world to attend the Cabella Wellness Camp – 2017. The Wellness Camp gives one a soulful and  nourishing experience of the 'life at Cabella' amidst the most beautiful landscape and ambience full of vibrations.

Every year Wellness camp has an overall supervision of Sujata Kenjale Tommasi, a deep Indian Sahaja Yogini living in Italy from several years. However, this year Sujata will also be accompanied by an Expert Team from Vashi Health Center, India that has worked  under Dr. Madhur Rai for a long period of time. Working at Vashi, the team have obtained enormous depth in various Sahaj treatments and techniques and have vast experience to cater to the 'wellness' needs of Sahaja Yogis from the all over the world.

Please click here to register for the first Wellness Camp 2017.

Come, let us join together to experience the everflowing divine love emitting from the Lotus Feet of Shri Adishakti and take the blessing to be in a place which She once called as 'The Heart of the Universe'. Wellness camp also provides an immense opportunity to people to be a part of all the collective Pujas that falls under the Wellness camp schedule.

The schedule comprises of occasions of offering pujas in the Castle, havans, individual counselling sessions with the experts, collective meditation sessions, practice of Sahaj treatments and techniques, daily footsoak and/or body soaks in the holy river Borbera – the Ganges, being one with the Mother Nature and last but not the least living a collective life in Casa Forme, a building which was bought by Shri Mataji.

It is our great desire to keep flowing in the river of eternal bliss that is emanating from Cabella and to provide maximum platforms to let all the Sahaja Yogis from all over the world to be here and absorb this nectar within…

With love & regards,

Sahaja Yoga World Foundation


The Wellness Team

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation

Palazzo Doria,
Via Martiri della Libertà 11

15060 Cabella Ligure (AL)


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Inner Peace Day Bucharest

Dear all, please see below from our Inner Peace Team in Romania. We would very much appreciate it if you were to re-transmit the message to your collectives. Love from Romania!

Beloved brothers and sisters of the Universe, 

We welcome you to Romania, the garden of Mother Mary, as Shri Mataji was beautifully telling us, in the capital Bucharest, the city of Joy (the founder was a shepard by the name of Bucur - in Romanian language means "Joy") to participate together to the wonderful and joy giving project of Inner Peace Day  during 8-11 April 2017 , now also in the Eastern part of Europe, following the tremendous success from Brussels, a large number of cities in Italy, Madrid and most recently Berlin and the Italian Parliament in Rome and continuing with Paris. 

We need your love and support to accompany our endevour. We have sent invitations to over 200 schools and kindergardens, both local and international (English, Italian, German and French). We have also the support of Unesco Romania which has a network of 60 schools only in Bucharest. So far the feedback is very encouraging, 14 schools have answered rapidly and asked to have the event for the entire collective, already thousands of children are waiting. 

Please register at the following link , where you can find the details regarding costs of accommodation and meals, but also our bank accounts in case you want to make a donation to support the participation of younger yogis and those with less income.

Additionally, you have the chance to stay in Romania, visit the Carpathians and come back to Bucharest for the international Easter Puja. Registrations can be done here,

Please register by 30 of March to be able to organize better. 

Jai Shri Mataji!

Much love from Romania, 

Inner Peace Romania team

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Seven Eyes: Come see us play live!

The Seed Album Tour 2017

SEVEN EYES will be performing their debut album The Seed around the UK and Europe during spring 2017 with a fantastic band of musicians, Marcelo Moraes (drums) and Sergio Oliveira (bass guitar) from Brazil. Including SPECIAL GUEST performances from UK based artists, Ustad Shahbaz Hussain (tabla), Jasdeep Singh Degun (sitar), Shammi Pithia (bansuri), Preetha Narayana (violin) all of whom will play for The Seed Album Launch in London on the 25th March... DONT MISS OUT!

CDs of The Seed album will be available for purchase at our concerts for £10.

You can also purchase a digital copy from the Seven Eyes website. 

We look forward to see you at our show!

With Love,
Seven Eyes
Find Out More

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sahaja Yoga Meditation iPhone app

The app aims to be a friendly companion for those learning to meditate using Sahaja Yoga.

Using a simple interface, the app will allow entering the issues you might have with the energy centers (chakras) and dynamically create a meditation for you.

The app also features a chat module where it can answer your question in natural language.

Download the app from here

Monday, 13 March 2017

Invitation to Easter Puja 2017 - Australia

It is with great joy that we invite you all to share with us in the celebration of Shri Maha Mary Jesus Puja at the occasion of our Easter Seminar from 14th - 17th April 2017 (please see our invitation attached). We will also be holding a Wellness Seminar from 11th - 20th April.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Sahaja Yoga Online meditations in other languages like Español, 中文, हिंदी, Português, Pусский, Français

Do you speak any other language than English?

Then why not starting an online meditation in your language?

You don't have to prepare much. Just lead a meditation in the same way you do your meditation at home, alone, or with the family.

Plug in a microphone, press a button and invite the whole world to join you.

Join our Sahaja Yoga Online Meditation Club to start:

¿Habla usted otro idioma que el inglés?

Entonces, ¿por qué no comenzar una meditación en línea en su idioma?

No tienes que preparar mucho. Simplemente conduzca una meditación de la misma manera que usted hace su meditación en casa, solo, o con la familia.

Conecta un micrófono, presiona un botón e invita al mundo entero a unirte a ti.

Únase a nuestro Club de Meditación en Línea Sahaja Yoga para comenzar:



你不必准备太多。 只是以冥想的方式,你在家里,单独或与家庭的冥想。



क्या आप अंग्रेजी से कोई अन्य भाषा बोलते हैं?

तो फिर क्यों नहीं अपनी भाषा में एक ऑनलाइन ध्यान शुरू करें?

आपको बहुत तैयार करने की ज़रूरत नहीं है उसी तरह ध्यान रखें कि आप घर पर, अकेले या परिवार के साथ अपना ध्यान रखेंगे।

एक माइक्रोफोन प्लग इन करें, एक बटन दबाएं और आपसे जुड़ने के लिए पूरी दुनिया को आमंत्रित करें।

शुरू करने के लिए हमारे सहज योग ऑनलाइन ध्यान क्लब में शामिल हों:

هل تتكلم أي لغة أخرى غير اللغة الإنجليزية؟

ثم لماذا لا نبدأ في التأمل على الانترنت في لغتك؟

لم يكن لديك لإعداد ذلك بكثير. يقود فقط التأمل في بنفس الطريقة التي تفعل التأمل في المنزل، وحده، أو مع العائلة.

سد العجز في ميكروفون، اضغط على زر وندعو العالم كله أن أنضم إليكم.

انضم لفندق Sahaja اليوغا على الإنترنت التأمل نادي لبدء:

Você fala outra língua que não o inglês?

Então por que não começar uma meditação on-line em seu idioma?

Você não tem que preparar muito. Basta liderar uma meditação da mesma forma que você faz sua meditação em casa, sozinho, ou com a família.

Conecte um microfone, pressione um botão e convide o mundo inteiro para se juntar a você.

Junte-se ao nosso Clube de Meditação Online Sahaja Yoga para começar:

Вы говорите на любом другом языке, кроме английского?

Тогда почему бы не начать онлайн-медитацию на своем языке?

Вам не нужно много готовить. Просто проводите медитацию так же, как вы медитируете дома, в одиночку или с семьей.

Подключите микрофон, нажмите кнопку и пригласите весь мир присоединиться к вам.

Присоединяйтесь к нашему Клубу медитации Сахаджа Йоги в Интернете, чтобы начать:

Parlez-vous une autre langue que l'anglais?

Alors pourquoi ne pas commencer une méditation en ligne dans votre langue?

Vous n'avez pas à préparer beaucoup. Il suffit de mener une méditation de la même manière que vous faites votre méditation à la maison, seul, ou avec la famille.

Branchez un microphone, appuyez sur un bouton et invitez le monde entier à vous rejoindre.

Rejoignez notre club de méditation en ligne Sahaja Yoga pour commencer:

News on the Sahaja Yoga Radio

After a long break, we are coming back with your favorite Sahaja Radio and we are here again. After leaving station Live365 we are getting back to the transmission with our continuous broadcasting and we are also renewing our blog websites.

read more here

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Search for the Divine Mother - free on Amazon until March 5th

You can download his book for free or buy from Kindle (free from Feb. 28 to March 5) from here.

Order the paperback by contacting the author at The cost 7 € /unit plus transport costs.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Going Deeper Online - The Search for the Divine Mother

Join us this Thursday for meeting with the author of "The Search for the Divine Mother", Gwen Verez.

He was kind enough to accept to join us and talk about his book. 

You can download his book for free or buy from Kindle (free from Feb. 28 to March 5) from here.

Order the paperback by contacting the author at pverez (at) hotmail . fr. The cost 7 € /unit plus transport costs.

Meditate with us, this Thursday (and every Thursday) at 9:45 pm EST, here:

Join the meeting from the computer as it might work better.

To find your local time, check this calendar after you choose your time zone from the bottom right.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mahasamadhi Day at Cabella

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From: Sahaja Yoga World Foundation <>

On Thursday 23rd February Mother's apartments will be open from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm, for all those wishing to meditate, worship and offer flowers

Watch the Live here

Friday, 17 February 2017

[Divine Cool Breeze] Sahaja Book Sale: 20% Off

Get 20% off all Sahaja Yoga books at Lulu.

More than thirty titles to choose from, including

Meta Modern Era
Journey Within
Devi Mahatmyam
Know Thyself
The Songs of Kabir
The Wisdom Tradition
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Use the code GLOFEB20

Offer ends Monday February 20th

Monday, 13 February 2017

SWAN for Sunday, February 12, 2017

Daglio Camp 2017 – looking for new organizers
The Daglio Team is urgently looking for yogis with a professional training in child education or guidance, with a minimal experience in organizing children camps or similar events, who are willing to help coordinating a Children Camp this summer in Daglio, near Cabella.

Invitation Easter Puja in Romania - 2017
Beloved Brothers and Sisters, by Our Holy Mother's Grace, with joy, love and complete bliss in our hearts, we are more than happy to let you know our desire to hold Easter Puja 2017, 13-17th of April, in Bucharest, Romania.

Nirmala Arts Academy - Culture of the Spirit Festival 2017
We are full of joy in inviting you to the 12th year of  the Nirmal Arts Academy and the 9th Culture of the Spirit Festival. It is with deepest gratitude that we receive the blessings of Our Divine Mother, and thank Her from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to grow during these years of intense activity and collective artistic production.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fwd: Nirmala Arts Academy - Culture of the Spirit Festival 2017

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From: Sahaja Yoga World Foundation


Photo by Emanuele Coniglio - The rehearsal of the Divine Symphony Orchestra, Palazzo Nirmala Devi, Cabella 2016



Dearest Sahaj family,


We are full of joy in inviting you to the 12th year of  the Nirmal Arts Academy and the 9th Culture of the Spirit Festival.

It is with deepest gratitude that we receive the blessings of Our Divine Mother, and thank Her from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to grow during these years of intense activity and collective artistic production.


The desire to grow more and more to become effective instruments of the Devi is widespread and powerful.

So once again we invite you to share this summer in Cabella, along with great artists and teachers, with pure creativity, the beauty of nature that surrounds us and in the magnitude of vibrations of the loving embrace of all our sisters and brothers and above all the heavenly blessings of our Divine Mother.


The Nirmala Arts Academy for 12 years years has offer dozens of courses devoted to art in its different aspects: music, dance, theatre, visual arts, as well as the therapeutic and introspective aspects of art and much more. All in an international, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary setting; fertile terrain for the creation of new exciting projects among the artists and participating yogis. It is an opportunity to manifest the creative and expressive power of our Self.


The Nirmal Arts Academy is a 10-day period that will end with a Festival which is open to the public: the Culture of the Spirit Festival, a two-day series of concert performances, exhibitions and meditation sessions. It is an event where the public can immerse themselves in the beauty of the culture of the spirit and the experience of Sahaj collective joy.


A Theatre of Eternal Values initiative ​​in collaboration with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation


Dates:   Nirmal Arts Academy from 11 to 20 July

Culture of the Spirit Festival 22-23 July


Soon there will be information about courses and events programs and the site will be updated

For registration and more information - Purna mobile: 0039- 3488768893 email:


Visit our website for the next updates: