Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Concert in Valence, France

On April 6, 2008 we had an Indian music concert in Valence, France with the participation of Swiss yogis Anirita, Shyam and Béatrice and of Romain from Paris, France.

We had bhajans and a raag for Indian flute. Everybody appreciated the music. We had 42 newcomers who received their Self Realisation. Together with us yogis we were 52.

The vibrations, the joy and mutual understanding among all of us will remain in our collective memory. As a result, on the following Tuesday we had 6 new seekers in the weekly meeting.

We received a proposal to help an association dealing with teenagers in difficulty (some of which received their Self Realisation). We would welcome any bandhans in support of this future action!

Here you have some links to photos and a video taken with this occasion. It was so good!

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