Monday, 21 April 2008

"Nirmala Devi: Freedom and Liberation" screenings in Romania

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This year we lived most intensely the celebration of Shri Mataji’s 85-th Anniversary, a significant contribution to our inner joy being the premiere of the film “Nirmala Devi: Freedom & Liberation”, by Carolin Dassel. Romania joined the other 10 countries organizing screenings worldwide. Thus 22 towns set up 25 screening events between 19 and 24 March 2008.

The advertising was complex and several new methods were used for the first time in our collective, such as Tv and Radio spots, car mounted visual and audio advertising, big street banners and panels. 36 000 flyers have been handed out on the streets (in a town they were distributed with the local morning newspaper, reaching also two other neighbouring places).

Hundreds of medium sized posters were launched on the battlefield of the postering areas and several big sized panels vibrated the city centres and the metro stations in the capital city, Bucharest. Invitation letters were offered to personalities and media representatives.

The advertising also included two press releases and resulted in newspaper advertisements and articles published in a few cities, announcing the film premiere in Romania and describing Shri Mataji’s personality and life achievements in very laudatory terms. One of these articles, published in Bucharest on the Catholic Easter Sunday, can be considered historical as it bears the title “The Divine Avatar” and contains the first mention in the Romanian press of the Divine nature of Our Holy Mother. (The English translation of the article was published in the 28th March issue of the Australian National Newsletter).

A number of journalists attended the screenings and a few interviews were taken for local TV channels. One of these, given by a musician from our Sahaj Group, was broadcasted at noon on the 21st of March.

In Bucharest, the film was greatly appreciated by the audience, who got to enjoy a Pooja-like vibration intensity and spiritual elevation. Most of the people stayed till the end of the screening and seemed to accept with great ease and joy its message, as being something they had been expected for long.

All the programs included Self Realisation sessions, some were introduced by Sahaja Yoga exhibitions (in 5 cities, before the screenings), and in 3 cities (Bucharest, Iasi, Ploiesti) we had concerts of Indian classical music.

A beautiful and heartening number of about 1000 seekers attended our programs, out of which 450 in Bucharest. In Bucharest we were also honoured by the presence of several representatives of the Indian Embassy, who watched the film and the concert with interest and received their Self Realisation.

A number of new people, more then ever, attended the subsequent follow-ups, full of enthusiasm and with very bright faces.

We deeply thank Our Dearest Mother for all the blessings of this unforgettable experience!
Jai Shri Mataji!

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