Friday, 18 April 2008

Shri Mataji arrives in Dubai - 17 April 2008

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The day has arrived that all the Sahaja Yogis of U.A.E. were eagerly awaiting. Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. arrived at the Dubai International Airport at 8:45 pm today evening. The sahaja yogis were already at the airport half an hour prior to the flight arrival time. Shri Mataji, Sir C.P., Sadhana Didi, Kalpana Didi and Prabhatji were offered bouquets by yuvashaktis and yogis from visiting countries such as Iran and Bahrain after which Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. left for their hotel. On their way to the hotel Shri Mataji gave darshan to the entire collective outside the Majlis Terminal.

At the hotel Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. were greeted by the yuvashakti in the corridor with red roses on the way to her suite. After a while the yuvashakti and balshakti were called inside where Shri Mataji was sitting along with her family members. Sadhana Didi played with the children while Shri Mataji enjoyed their innocence. A collective yuvashakti gift, a lotus flower consisting of many cards hand made by yuva shaktis was offered to Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji seemed very pleased and said ‘thank you’ in a very loving tone.

The national co-ordinators offered Shri Mataji and Sir C.P chocolates on behalf of the collective on the occasion of their belated wedding annivesary. She vibrated the chocolates and asked them to be offered to all the children and the sahaja yogis present in the hotel.

Having received their blessings the children headed for home while Shri Mataji and Sir C.P. were served dinner.

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