Monday, 21 April 2008

Shri Mataji arrives to Cabella (21 April 2008)

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It was a rainy morning while at the Castle yogis were getting ready for the arrival of their beloved Mother. But as soon as Shri Mataji's plane landed the rain stopped all of a sudden - both, in Milan as well as Cabella.

Flowers were awaiting as Shri Mataji came through the doors into the hall with eager sahaj yogis. We lay the flowers in front of our beloved Mother, then after She made Her to way to the car. During the trip Shri Mataji was silently looking out at the scenic view of Italy.

But when Mother arrived in Cabella, there was a erupture and vigor as She looked upon the Castle and said "Ghar aa gaye" meaning, 'I am back at home!'

Mother was greeted by bhajans and laxmi baskets. Then after a welcome Aarti we all bowed down to the Goddess.

Shri welcome back to your home - Cabella.

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