Monday, 12 May 2008

The Book Transcription Project

A message from the Book Project team. They need new people to join the team.
See below,

Dear all,

We have now transcribed over 955 talks, but the project is now slowing markedly as many people who were involved have dropped out for all kinds of reasons.

This is a great pity, for in the four years that this project has been running, we have always been losing people and having to recruit new people, but the appeals for help we have made recently, have gone largely unanswered. Also, the database of transcribed talks serves a number of important uses, including:

· providing subtitles for DVDs

· translation of Shri Mataji's talks into other languages including Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Hungarian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek.

A yogi transcribes each talk, usually from an MP3 audio file, it is then checked by a second yogi. An experienced transcriber, known as a Managing Editor then verifies the accuracy of the work. Despite this three step process, we still found sufficient errors to warrant a fourth person checking the talk yet another time.

In the early days, yogis used whatever talks they had in their personal libraries, but obviously, we soon exhausted this source, and now, Phil Ward supplies us with MP3 files, but in some cases, the sound is so poor, the files have to be digitally improved so that they can be properly heard. The person doing this work has recently retired from the project and we have not been able to find someone able to do this work.

But, while we have transcribed 955 talks, only 343 have been verified which means that the accuracy of the 612 talks that have not been verified, is a long way short of what it should be. This is a real problem with no short term solution, for verifiers need to be experienced in transcribing before they move on to this important work. The impact of this problem in terms of the subtitling of DVDs and the translation of talks into other languages can be readily appreciated.

To maintain any sort of progress in this important work, we urgently need more support from the world collective, and maybe the WF can help. We need people at all levels, transcribers, verifiers, managing editors and one or two people able and willing to clean up the MP3 files before sending them off for transcription.

English as a first language has proved not to be a prerequisite of someone working on the Book Project. Indeed, surprisingly many people have joined and found that their written and spoken English improved dramatically as a result of working on the project.

Needless to say, the benefits of a deepening knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, are apparent to everyone working on the project.

If you would like to help please contact: Maureen Goodman ( or Shankar Ramani ( or visit the project page.

Jai Shri Mataji,
The book project team

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