Sunday, 25 May 2008

Justice ruled in favour of Sahaja Yoga in Brusels

The court of first instance of Brusels has condemned in a substantive judgment the Belgian State to pay a 1500 euros compensation to the Sahaja Yoga Association, which has been wrongly considered as a sect in an official act dated March 2005, as indicated on Friday, April 25 by the De Morgen, De Standaard and Le Soir journals in Belgium.

The Centre for information and counselling on nuisible sectarian organisations (CIAOSN) had issued a defavorable report on this meditation mouvement. The justice had already condemned the public organisation in a provisional judgment in June 2006.

The substantive judgment now confirmed that the CIAOSN lacked objectivity and has damaged the honour and the reputation of the association. The State decided to formulate an appeal.

Read the original French version of this news here.

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Anonymous said...

Good News for freedom of belief in Europe!