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more news from Cabella

From Geri, sent from Cabella:

Dear Sahaj Sangam,

On the 5th of May, on behalf of the Sahaj collective, some gifts were offered to Shri Mataji in Her room in the Palazzo to thank Her for granting us the blessings of the Sahasrara Puja. We are most humbly attempting to "transcribe" what Shri Mataji spoke about during the time we were in Her presence. The talk was not recorded or filmed so we ask forgiveness for any errors we make in protocol. These written words are a memory so some of the things written may be taken as an interpretation of what was said.

We entered Shri Mataji's room with gifts and flowers, mostly from the hosting countries. Two of us carried a very beautiful very large leather hand bag for Shri Mataji for traveling. She asked who has given this bag and we answered that it was from all the ladies (of the world). Shri Mataji remarked that it was - quite a bag - and, as we put it down remarked that (this gift) was very "suggestive".

Somehow, instead of leaving the room as the gifts were offered, we found ourselves all seated around Shri Mataji, to Whose right sat Sir C.P., and behind Her three of the nurses. Shri Mataji asked about each gift. There was a beautiful round ball - a sculpture made of hundreds of white porcelain flowers. Shri Mataji asked where this came from and the artist, who was in the room, answered that it came from Austria.

Shri Mataji asked if it was purchased in England and the artist answered that she made it in Austria. Shri Mataji told us all that She has another piece like this. It was, in fact, in the room and was taken brought to Shri Mataji's Feet. Shri Mataji begain speaking about the sculpture, which was a small statue of Mother and child made from many white porcelain flowers. She said that "she" was very fat and sat on a chair and had to be carried about.

Shri Mataji added that, yes, these (sculptures) are from England and asked the artist if she brought this (or purchased this) in England. The artist began to answer but Shri Mataji remarked, yes, She knows - these were made by this artist (from Austria). Then She again said that "she", who we then understood to be Queen Victoria of England, was very fat - her husband died and then all she did was sit on a chair, and she had to be carried about. She did not do anything or move about at all.

Then Shri Mataji asked who brought a beautiful large serving dish of many different flowers made in a certain style where porcelain is over a base of brass. It was from Germany, made in China? and purchased in Milan. Shri Mataji said that She cannot eat from such a large dish, (laughing) She does not want to become fat like "her" (Queen Victoria?) and began laughing so much – it was so very joyful.

She then asked one (English) Yogi how he is and if he is now feeling better – He answered in the affirmative and Shri Mataji mentioned that it was his heart. She told him it is because he was working too hard and he shouldn't work so hard. She asked him "How many English work so hard?" and began laughing again.

Then Shri Mataji turned to the Russian leader who was there and asked how he was and how Russia was doing and, of course, he answered in the affirmative. Shri Mataji mentioned that She would very much like to learn how to speak Russian.

At one point Shri Mataji refered to the fact, that, from Her right ear She was having trouble hearing and that a young Italian doctor is taking care of Her who is very nice. This doctor doesn't ask for any money from Her although She gives him (of course). He only speaks Italian and cannot speak English or French – She asked us who can speak French.

Shri Mataji continued to say that the doctor has helped Her and in some days it will be better and She will be able to hear. Laughing, She then remarked that She can speak to everyone and doesn't need to listen to what others are saying. She was very heartily laughing.

Then She turned Her attention back to Russia and told the leader that She very much wants to come to Russia and when would be a good time to go there. It came through that August is a good month and Shri Mataji told him She wants to stay for one month there.

Shri Mataji then spoke about Russia and the Russian Yogis and how good they are. She spoke continuously about how good communism is and how democracy is "demonocracy". The true democracy is good. Shri Mataji is a democratic but a pure democratic.

The Russians (Yogis) are good because they are satisfied – they have very little and do not need much – they are satisfied and do not need to argue. They are not ashamed that they do not have money – they are satisfied. The Russians are not jealous if someone has more than them – they are not competitive.

Shri Mataji said that the communistic system is (the best?) they are very efficient and get things done without arguing. She has a house in Russia and She went away. There was one woman who was crazy and she was living in Her house. When Shri Mataji returned this lady was there and they asked Her if they should file a case against her. Shri Mataji said there was no need for this and just told the local authorities. The authorities (police?) came immediately and asked this woman who she was and where she came from and if she built this house. Then this (crazy) woman was gone the next day.

Again Shri Mataji spoke about how the Russians are very good and how communism is very good – but that, one thing, the marriage system there is not good. Also the children are not taken care of, they are sent away (to schools?). But the communism is very good. It is the best system – the Russians are very satisfied. the democracies should try communism for a while – but not very long. It should be tried because it is a very good system.

The Americans (or democracy?) are not OK. They have a new law there now that the children have to take care of themselves (and leave the house?) when they turn 18 years – Who will give them money? Who will take care of these children that at 18 they have to manage for themselves? Democracy is not a good system – Communism is a very good system.

But they do not take care of the children – something about the heart? The Russians are very good and they are not competitive at all – they do not hanker after things or need much – they are satisfied. But Shri Mataji told that she wasn't pleased about the marriage system, that the marriage system is not very good there.

Shri Mataji spoke briefly about the banks in Russia – that it is very easy there – they do not ask so many questions. In India they ask, who is your father and who is your grandfather – in Russia it is very easy – they do not ask questions.

The Russians are very smart, very intelligent. There is no competition. They do not have much money but they are very satisfied – they do not need much and do not argue – they do not need to argue.

The subject of sports came up and She said they are not competitive – this makes people jealous – but we can be competitive in Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji was laughing and joking with us from time to time. There was a twist where Shri Mataji asked Shri Mataji how many yogis there are in Russia – he answered that there are 10,000. Sahaja Yogis there. They tried to tell Shri Mataji that the president of Russia has received his realization – but it was somehow "translated" to Her that the Russian president is a Sahaja Yogi. To this Shri Mataji answered: "This I do not know" but, (") if you do some research – you will find that the most of the Russians are Sahaja Yogis(").

Then She continued to say how the Russians are so satisfied and the married couples do not argue- that this wastes too much time. Shri Mataji then told one yogi that his shirt is very nice – a really nice shirt. That all the shirts (the men were wearing there) are nice. If She wants this shirt She can travel around the world to find the same one because She likes this so much. Now She could go to New York or to (London?) to get this same shirt....but if you are satisfied you do not need anything. You do not need to go to find this shirt.???? - -that the Russians are very satisfied and communism is a good system and the democray is not good – so much fighting. We do not need to fight.

Shri Mataji told us that Russia is a very good country (?) and we should all go there (when She is there?)

It was very long and we felt so grateful to Shri Mataji to take so much of Her precious time with us. Sir C.P told Shri Mataji that Her lunch is ready. Shri Mataji told us that She has heard that we should not miss our lunch. We namaskared and made ready to go but

Shri Mataji kept speaking to us. She asked one Yogi about his son – how is he. The affirmative was answered and then Shri Mataji told him that he (his son) has a very nice wife – now this son (as we understood) is not married. So we laughed and the Yogi replied that he would tell him. Shri Mataji continued to speak about his son and then we understood that She was refering to his new son (in law). She said that he has a very good education. He has a very (pure?) education because it is completed in India and there is no influence of western education.

Again we thanked Shri Mataji and somehow – with so much happiness and thanks – left the room. We hope that the nuances and true subtlety of what Shri Mataji told us can be felt through this.

Jai Shri Mataji.

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ChromepetKasi said...

Jai Shree Mathaji.

Nicely compiled. I felt as if I was sitting in front of Shri.Mathaji and enjoying all her talks.

Thanks for sharing with us.

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