Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Mother's Day in Cabella (via Austria)

On the occasion of the Festa della Mamma Shri Mataji today (Sunday) graciously received some flowers offered by some of the yogis present at the castle, when Mother saw how many people wanted to give her flowers she said that she would come into her reception room so that more people could come in...word quickly spread around Cabella and yogis who had assembled for a havan quickly found the event transformed into something even more joyous, the chance to spend an hour at the feet of the Adi Shakti! Mother was in great form commenting on the gifts, admiring the flowers and asking questions to the people before her , she asked yogis to open all the doors to her apartments to allow as many people in as possible and said that the room seemed to have become smaller!

(...) here are a couple of photos

With love from Italy,

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