Wednesday, 7 May 2008

News from Cabella (May 6th)

Jai Shri Mataji
Dear Brothers,

Yesterday (May 5th, 2008) was a great day of celebration at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji. The day started with Shri Mataji going thru a great depth of the development of Sahaja Yoga In America. Shri Mataji went thru the report that Sahajis had offered her in every detail. Shri Mataji expressed blessings on all the new initiatives taken to spread Sahaja yoga in America.
This followed with the presentation of gifts from all the collectives gathered at the sahasrara puja. Shri Mataji truly enjoyed each one of them. She went thru the list and put attention on every nation and appreciated the beauty of each one. I recall the swiss time piece with beautiful flowery decoration. She remarked time can be a serious thing, but one can beautify it with flowers. She appreciated the Italian Gift in Murano Glass and blessed Italians creativity. She went thru the Serbian book for more than 20 minutes….

Later in the day she blessed the leaders delegation for nearly an hour and a half. Here are some excerpts I humbly recall:
v Shri Mataji blessed the Russians. She expressed multiple times that she Loved the Russians
v Little bit of communism ideas could be healthy for the world. Democracy can be very good however we need people of high caliber at the helm of affairs
v Pursuing competitiveness does not do much of good. It can lead to delusion and unhappiness. Competitiveness gives rise to jealousies and there is always someone or some occasion, who could be out beat you in the race causing delusion..
v One has to be satisfied from inside and enjoy the happiness. When we are satisfied blessings and solutions just flow
v Sahajis can compete only in one area…the Yoga…that is the union with the All mighty
v In the new democracy the focus is on the money and this gives rise to many a worries and complications…which hence gives rise to all lawyers, bankers, Insurances and truly complicates life
v In Russia people may not have money but they are much happier….and life is simpler…Shri Mataji quoted many of her experiences in Russia…Thousands of yogis and yoginis gathering under her banner…with tremendous love for her (she even being the foreigner in the country…)
v The reason for the talk she explained was that we should all yearn for the same strength and vigor for Sahaja yoga to grow in the world

Truly she unfolded Sahaj solutions to our modern and complicated life style.

Salutations again and again to our Savior, Comforter and the Redeemer. Salutations to the Queen of Sahasrara. Victory to the Holy Mother.

With all Love and Regards,

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