Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Realization day 2008 in Toronto - report

Dear brothers and sisters,

With the kind desire of Shri Mataji we had a wonderful World Realization Day. Over 300 seekers got realization.

The big Public program on May 5 in Toronto was a great experience with great vibrations. About 50 seekers got Self realization. There were several Mall and street realizations possibly another 100 seekers got realizations.

First to begin and last to end realization program was at Chapters store, we had 4 programs on May 2, 3, May 9 and 11 Last Sunday, total 160 people got realization on those four days, the vibrations were just amazing.

Also wanted to share an experience from a little girl last week, when I was distributing the pamphlets in children section of the store one little child girl age 7, took the flier and after a second she followed me which I didn't notice and saw her when I was back to Mother's alter. And she asked me, could you please tell me about this Yoga which I did explain with couple of benefits and she repeated everything back to me with such a great confidence I couldn't believe and she said she would like to experience it and set on the chiar I started working on her and after couple of minutes she still had her eyes closed in meditation. Meanwhile her mom walked in and couldn't believe seeing her daughter in deep meditation. After the girl opened her eyes I asked her how did you feel. She described "it was wonderful experience I saw that I was in the ocean and I am partially submerged in the water uptil my neck and the water waves are coming and not touching me and I was standing still in water.

I could not relate the meaning of this. Just thought to share with the collective! Girl's name was Kareena, 7 years. Her mom also got realization.

Hope other provinces had wonderful experiences as well.

Best regards

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