Monday, 12 May 2008

Shri Mataji talking about North America (May 5th)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write with great joy the following account of an event that occurred in Cabella on May 5th Monday at 7am! I am in Cabella as part of the nurses team serving Her Holiness Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji began the day asking about America and I took the opportunity to present the book 2007 and Beyond that the U.S yogis had prepared to document what has and will be done to spread Sahaja Yoga in the U.S. in the coming year along with baskets of gifts that the NY and LA collectives had made. What happened then is truly momentous for this great country of ours that so many of us have come to love!

Mother asked for her eye-glasses, leaned forward and started reading the book. She read and She read and She read!!! For almost 2 hours She read. Every page and therefore every State in the U.S. received Her divine and loving attention! I have tried to include most of Her comments on the country while viewing the book, but do forgive me as most of it was in Marathi and I am translating them as I write this.

On the preface of the book: Very poetic!

On the map: This got the most attention as Mother could graphically see in one glance which States had given Realizations and the numbers of seekers that had received it. She with great child-like innocence started adding the numbers and Her joy grew and grew! At some point I lost count and She said

It is the quality that matters and not quantity!

On the National projects: I am so happy with this! I am overjoyed to see this effort! Wa,Wa! Mother read the permanent center project and the SY growth project with great detail and blessed it with a joyful Anant Aashirwaad! All the other projects were read also and She kept beaming and smiling. It was absolutely incredible!

Then we began to look at all the States reports with photos of yogis giving realization. Photo after photo got comments like: Very professional photos! I know him/her, he/she is a old yogi, I have been there (Houston, DC, Seattle etc.). She always read the numbers of seekers loudly and so we referred to the map of the U.S. constantly! States like Utah and Indiana and others were located on the map with Mother commenting that She had not been there, so She was keen to see them on the map! She noticed that the photos had people of all kinds, white Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic seekers as well (the mariachi band got Her attention saying the Spanish are good people). She commented that:

I am happy to see Americans in these photos and not just Indians! I am overjoyed to see that it is working out!

Canada and Mexico also got considerable attention and blessings with Mother saying that both these countries are a lot easier than the US.

She read the prayer at the end and asked who wrote it and said it was very poetic!

She then made the following observations that lasted about 10 minutes or so:

America is a very difficult place. It has democracy but this democracy is based on materialism. The people at the helm of affairs, the government is steeped in materialism and that has seeped from top down into the mind-set of average Americans. Americans love money more than their children or their aging parents and even less their spirit. The root of the problem is their greed for money.

And then came this profound promise! With an extremely compassionate expression of love pouring from those beautiful eyes that had filled with tears, She said:

"I will find the key to dissolve this love for money in the America.

I will find that trick. I have to do this Myself. I have to do it!!!

Because if their desire for money is dissolved, automatically as a by-product their desire for their spirit will increase. They will respect their families and love their children and old parents and if America works out, the rest of the world will follow."

Dear brothers and sisters I cannot even begin to describe the vibrations that were flowing, it was like a torrential waterfall!

I simply bowed down and then She asked that I convey the following to all of you:

Please tell them Thank-you for spreading My message

Thank-you for giving me such hopeful news from all over the country.

Anant Aashirwaad to all of you!

May God Bless you!

I am so happy today that this is the best news you could give me!

I then left the room so filled with joy and emotion that words fail me. So please enjoy this message as I am just a messenger hoping to convey this joyful event that I know will stay with me forever!

In all our Mothers love,

Always your sister,
Madhuri Dunphy

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