Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Will power and the menace called Alcohol

"Saturday 17th May, Cabella

On Saturday yogis had the chance to offer Shri Mataji flowers. Mother was in great spirits and talked long on various topics.

She explained with pride how the Italian collective had grown. She moved to talking on the problems existing in various other countries where the prevailing ego in man ruined him. Shri Mataji said that ego stops us from understanding where we stand and to know who we really are.

Mother stressed alcohol as being the major hurdle in people getting Self Realization and staying in Sahaja Yoga. It is more dangerous than cigarettes Mother explained, further adding that where cigarettes destroyed the physical body, alcohol took its toll on one's awareness and thus diminishing the possibility to evolve.

When people come to the first meetings, they should be told from start to stop drinking. Sahaja Yoga is not accessible to those who drink, and those who still prefer to continue with alcohol should be asked to not attend and to leave the meditation room. To continue with Sahaja Yoga one should be determined to stop drinking so as to follow on their spiritual path.

Shri Mataji highlighted the importance of 'Will Power', which should accompany our desire. Will power is to put into action ones' desire to evolve. Without a strong will power to grow, one can not ascend spiritually.

Mother said we all should leave our differences and unite at Her Feet.

As the yogis bowed and prepared to leave the room, Shri Mataji stressed that we should understand the importance of spreading Sahaja Yoga, doing public programs. She asked for a list of public programs that were taking place, the cities and dates.

Shri Mataji, Your children humbly bow to You and we will strive to do what You desire from us."

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