Tuesday, 17 June 2008

"Cool Kids' Garden" - Sahaj PP for parents and kids in an organic farm in Ontario, Canada

On Saturday, June 14, the Kerr Village Organic Market Farm in Oakville, Halton, Ontario has been awakened by the Sahasrara Mantras played from the stage reserved @ 9AM for the Sahaj Free Meditation Yoga Program named "Cool Kids' Garden". This is the first in a serie of 45 minutes programs that will be offered this summer outdoors and that are meant to be inter-active & fun but with the clear goal that kids & parents that are visiting the Heritage/Kerr Village Market early in the morning will experience and learn to practise Sahaja Yoga Meditation on the spot. On June 14 , the Sahaj team had continued with giving many Realizations by participating also to the Wellness Street Event that was in the Market for half of the day. We'll keep you posted as it seems that the Cool Kids' Sahaj Program will go on for the Summer 2008 and is getting invited to events in schools too. See photos of the 1st Session in Kerr Village here.

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