Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Romania joins other countries in apologizing for mistreating a minority

President Basescu of Romania follows the international trend in apologizing for the mistreatment of the Rroma (Gipsy) minority of Romania. The speech was delivered during a ceremony in which three members of this community, that had been deported in Transnistria (east of Moldova) during WW2, have been awarded the national decoration "Faithful service". This is what Traian Basescu said, first in Rromanes and then in Romanian: "Forgive us, brothers and sisters, for everything that has been in the past, and may we beautifully build the future of Romania together".
Here is the source of the news in the Gandul journal, that also presents audio versions of the Rromanes declaration and of a declaration regarding the holocaust of the Rroma.
Also read about the Canadian and Australian apologies to native (aboriginal) peoples.

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