Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Shri Mataji gives Self Realisation to three mayors of the Val Borbera region

Words are not adequate to express the beauty and sweetness with which Shri Mataji welcomed a few guests, precisely 3 local mayors, in her house in Cabella last Friday 13th June 2008.

In the way only she can do it, she made them feel very at ease; she explained them what is Sahaja Yoga and the importance of Self realization, in the same way she did in public programs, still saying new things; she offered tea with many snacks, talking of this and that, taking care of them as special guests; going deeper in various topics, she helped them with immense love to get their Self Realization; afterwards they enjoyed dinner with Shri Mataji in a completely relaxed atmosphere and finally they received her gifts.

These few words are a tentative to reproduce, aware of the limitations and the inaccuracies, some of the many things Shri Mataji said during the meeting that lasted about 3 hours.

Shri Mataji explained what is Sahaja Yoga to her guests and repeated how important it is for the future of the world, saying that, even being 85 years old, she works everyday from morning till evening for Sahaja Yoga and so she desires to do for all her life.

Then she talked of her will to go to Russia soon because they need it a lot and they must be saved. They deny the existence of God and for this reason they are stupid. They solved a lot of problems, but on this point they must be saved. In China, for example, as well as in other places in the world, where people say that God doesn't exist, terrible calamities occur, because the Earth reacts. Between saying that God is or is not, it is better to say: He is.

To the question: "What do you expect from the school in Vignole where children will go to school?" (note: there is a current project to allow children of sahajis to attend school in Vignole and live together close to Cabella), Shri Mataji said that she is going to start two schools and that it is a wonderful thing that children should have gone to an Italian public school and that they should have followed the Italian scholastic program. She wanted to know everything of Vignole - where it is located, what people do for living, etc.

She said that one the major problem in America, as well as in England, is that boys and girls are left to themselves at a too early age and they are not adequately brought up by their parents. Parents do not take care of children and then children do not take care of parents.
It is good that they live their life and gain their independence, but they must always been loved and supported. Shri Mataji said that she has two daughters, who have children, who have children, but she still keeps on taking care of them with continuous exchanges. One of the consequences of the fact that youngsters are abandoned to themselves too early, is an increase in consuming alcohol.

Afterwards, once more, Shri Mataji expressed her approval for Italy, saying that it is the best country in the world. Someone commented that Italy is appreciated a lot by foreigners for its beauty, for food, for costumes, but that Italians tend to complain of everything that is not good and do not appreciate what they have, maybe because of a condition of insatisfaction. Shri Mataji replied that they do like this, because they are humble. Someone else said that not only Italy is beautiful, but all the world is, to that Shri Mataji replied: "yes, but Italy is more beautiful!".

Someone asked about Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Mataji said that she lived in his ashram and he was extremely honest, of great ideals and a hard worker. Problems arrived when there was separation of Pakistan from India that provoked a mass migration of Muslims with whom it is difficult to find an agreement. But now, many of them are receiving realization and becoming sahaja yogis and this is the only true solution to remove divisions and bring them to unity.

One of the guests asked if this means that it is possible to be Muslim and to practice Sahaja Yoga, or to be Christian and practice Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji answered that before they were Muslims and they became Sahaja Yogis and that without Self realization is not possible to understand and realise the essence of the religion being followed. It is not possible to be a Christian in the true sense of the word if you first do not know yourself. Christ said that you must get your second birth.

Shri Mataji gave the example of the Christians that came to India, as in other parts of the world. They considered themselves Christians, but they came to dominate, full of ego and agressiveness. Christ was the exact opposite, the personification of humility and that he even left himself be crucified for humanity. He was so powerful that he could have destroyed them all, but instead he forgave them.

The person who had asked the question added: "First of all it is necessary to know ourselves, to be aware of ourselves, to be able to practice these teachings."

They also asked questions about food or the importance to be vegetarian; Mother replied that in Sahaja Yoga there are not rules and that we can eat everything, but that we prefer not to eat cow meat (if I am not mistaken, she added that we consider cow as our Primordial Mother) and for sure we do not drink alcohol.

At this point one the yogis suggested to try the experience, putting their hands towards our beloved Mother, and all of them got their self realization.

To see photos of the event, click here.

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