Thursday, 10 July 2008

From the Archives of The Divine Cool Breeze

Sometimes we forget the many places that Shri Mataji visited in Her travels around the world. Kuala Lumpur. The Hague. The Soviet Union.

Yes, She was in Leningrad when it was Leningrad, not St Petersburg. In Russia when it was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. At a medical conference in Moscow, She said the Russian seekers are wise. Without wisdom, people cannot handle freedom. "Look what happened to the American."

In 1990 She had a Buddha Puja in Leningrad. "Sahaja Yoga is not serious," She said. "It is pleasant mirth. It is a state."

We can be reminded of these moments of our history in a special item from the archives of The Divine Cool Breeze: the Indian edition, volume 2 number 8, from 1990. On the cover our Holy Mother rest on a radiating cloud over the Kremlin. "If you do not have a large heart, you cannot have a good Agyna," the caption reads.

A pdf of this cherished issue is now available at The Divine Cool Breeze online store for only 99 cents in a time-limited offer.

You will also see on these same pages an excerpt from a 1986 talk in Holland ("How to Influence People"). "You have to rise higher to attract," Shri Mataji tells us.

Good reading. Good advice. Words not to be forgotten.

The Divine Cool Breeze team

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