Thursday, 10 July 2008

International Yuva Shakti Seminar 2008

Dear Yuva Shakti,

It is with great happiness that would like to invite you to the International Yuva Shakti Seminar 2008, which will take place in Cabella.

The Seminar will be held the three days after Guru Puja, from Monday afternoon the 21st July to Wednesday evening the 23rd. The price will be 50 Euros per person. Of this money, we will be giving a donation towards the Sahaja Yoga World Foundation here in Cabella towards the upkeep and development of this Holy Land.

We would like to focus our attention this year on spreading Shaha Yoga and integration amongst the Sahaja Yoga Sanga. We would like to work on bridging the gap between the younger Yuva Shakti and the older ones so that we may move forward as One. The seminar will be held in the Hanger and in a large tent nearby.

Regarding sleeping arrangements, there will be the pink hangar (behind the main hangar) for ladies and a white tent for the men. However, we will be sharing these with our uncles and aunties who are staying for the academy therefore we would like to advise you, if possible, to bring your own tents!

Registration for the seminar will be open in the next few days, so please be sure to check the website and sign up!

Should you wish to stay longer there will the the Vitarna Music Academy taking place at the same time for two weeks.

With lots of Love,
the seminar organizers

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