Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Invitation to Borotin Art Camp, Czech Republic

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is a great honour for us to invite you to this year´s Art Camp in Borotín, in the Czech Republic.

Borotín is a sahajayogi international nursery school. Furthermore, this place is where other collective events take place, such as seminars or a international children summer camp. We will be happy to see you enjoy the beauty of Indian art together with us.

There will be a plenty of opportunity to learn classical Indian singing and music therapy, Indian miniature drawing, and Kuchipudi dance lessons. Moreover, there will be needlework lessons, such as crocheting. Our qualified teachers will share their knowledge and pass it down to you. Come and spend a beautiful week filled with love, joy and creativity.

The art camp will be held from 21 July 2008 to 27 July 2008 and the price is 13 – 15 euro a day. Send your applications and inquiries at up to 21 June 2008 and state your exact arrival and departure from Borotín.

In case you apply to Kuchipudi dance workshop, please state your level of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

With love,
Sahajayogis from the Czech Republic

Source: SWAN

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