Thursday, 3 July 2008

Invitation to Borotin School

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Borotin's collective, in Czech Republic, is looking for Sahaja yogis and yoginis who would like to experience living and working in the international SY kindergarten, also known as the "Borotin Children's Camp".

By the grace of Shri Mataji, the kindergarten has now been functioning for six years, hosting children between 4 and 6 years age from all over the world.

Situated in the beautiful woodland of Borotin, life in the kindergarten/ashram gives us the opportunity to enjoy an international collective, grow deeper in Sahaj and discover new qualities and powers within, through this auspicious -yet challenging-work with realized children.

Being in the company of children brings us vibrations of joy and sweetness and gives us much more than we can imagine. Hundreds of yogis and yoginis from all over the world already experienced this during these five beautiful and intense years.

If you would like to be part of all this, our school is looking for help for the upcoming Autumn Term 2007 that is a period of 3 months from 27th of August till 5th of December for the following positions:

1. Teachers to take care of children during school time. Good knowledge of English language is necessary as well as previous experience with teaching children. Creativity is welcomed. Please note that we will give priority to holder of a diploma or qualified teachers.
2. A good sport and dance teacher who knows and can invent lots of game for the children.
3. Nurse who will have permanent attention on children's health working on them with vibrations and taking care of the sickroom activities.
4. Bedroom Aunties, to take care of children during sleeping and siesta time. Previous experience with children is helpful, basic knowledge of English is necessary.
5. Aunties/Uncles to work in the kitchen as cooks or helpers. Suitable for yoginis and yogis of any age.
6. Work in the laundry and building cleaning section.
7. Work on the building's maintenance and repair.

For those who need an invitation for a visa please contact us as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us for further info at e-mail: or by phone: 00420732104005

With much love and joy from the land of Shri Ganesha
Borotin Council

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