Friday, 11 July 2008

Testimony and feelings from Adi Shakti Puja 2008

It had been ten years since I had walked the earth of Cabella.

Nothing has changed, except the facades of houses that have been repainted in the wake of the renovation of the castle overlooking the village and its church.

The site where meet yogis is located a few kilometers below the village. The provisional camp has been transformed. The tents have given way to facilities in hard, a paved access to the great assembly hall (the 'pendal').

That Saturday, June 7, 2008, that which marked me most was the number of 'old' yogis from the 4 corners of Europe that we have not seen for 10 or 15 years, sometimes more, but was as if we had never been separated and are closer than ever.
A little later we learned that Shri Mataji had expressed the desire to see these 'old' yogis at the Puja(s) more and she had even asked recently that we re-contact all those who had left the Collective.

A surprise (O how pleasant!) We expected this weekend: Canada was represented by a coast to coast with the presence of Mary and Marcel (NB) and Cathy (BC) in addition to my wife and I (Quebec) in this year of fourth centenial of the founding of Quebec City, the birthplace of our Canada.

The organization and the activities (for children, shows…) were more relaxed where collegiality took precedence over individualism. Several told me: 'we know ourselves better', 'we want to do more things together' and 'people have more confidence'… when Love flows, everything becomes possible!

Sunday June 08, Shri Mataji asked that we all assemble for 7pm.
Upon arriving, I noticed the Yuvas from organizing countries aligned in two rows, thus constituting a guard of honour to welcome Shri Mataji. By watching, I felt a burst of vibrations and this thought came immediately to me: the next generation is there.

In the room, nearly 90% of the yogis were already present… never before seen in over 25 years of yoga. And then, silence and the peace that prevailed until the arrival of Our Mother! This should be the rule rather than the exception. The Puja had indeed begun before Her arrival.

Shri Mataji arrived around 8. The children symbolically washed the feet of Shri Ganesha by filing flower petals in a talee before the Puja to the Adi Shakti. Forty-five minutes later, we sang the Aarti.
Shri Mataji did not say a word but has followed all phases of the Puja with a watchful eye.
Then, Shri Mataji gave us an hour and a half of Her time to receive gifts from different countries and collectives before withdrawing.

While I bowed to Our Mother to offer the gift on behalf of the Canadian collective, I felt, more than ever I did feel in similar circumstances in the past, all the attention of Shri Mataji focused on the glass that I presented, and focused on Canada and its collective. Her only comment was 'Very beautifull.' From the room, I heard that Shri Mataji expressed much joy.

This atmosphere of peace, inner silence felt deep within ourselves throughout the Puja.
All stayed in meditation for a long time after the departure of Shri Mataji, then for the distribution of prassad and, still later, with dance and bhajans.

It was a moment of happiness when we received very quickly the following message: 'Shri Mataji was very pleased with the Puja because vibrations were so strong.' ... Did you know that a few weeks earlier, during Sahasrara Puja, Shri Mataji left before the end of the Aarti?

I can't do but associate the presence of the older yogis with the gravity and the depth that we felt: these anonymous yogi(ni)s with their experience, who have crossed over such storm and, instead of running away, have simply strengthened their relationship to the Divine, the Adi Shakti, in Her incarnation on this earth Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Cabella, 09 June 2008
Patrick (Montréal)

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