Wednesday, 20 August 2008

International seminar in Toronto (from a yogi from TX)

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am sure that it is with great joy that all of us who were in Toronto this past weekend remember the memorable international seminar that the Canadian collective graciously organized and hosted at the Delta Meadowvale hotel in the Toronto area, attended by a large number of Yogis from Canada and the US - and wanted to share a few more impressions.

At the recent Guru Puja, Shri Mataji invited us all to go to Canada, stating that Canada is a beautiful country with a beautiful collective, and we all could witness first hand the deep meaning of Her words during this weekend. The warmth of our Canadian brothers and sisters and their loving care in the organization of the events were evident even before the official start of the seminar. On Friday we were treated to a day-trip to the amazing Niagara Falls, which included a boat ride in the famous Maid of the Mist - lots of beautiful sights, vibrations, and lovely mist that completely soaked our faces (and the clothes of those who chose not to wear the provided raincoats). The entertainment programs on Thursday and Friday evenings lifted us to new artistic and vibrational heights of collective enjoyment. Saturday, as part of the morning meditation, we watched several videos including a short film from the US, put together by the Midwest Yogis. We also exchanged inspiring stories of many miracles we experienced in our Sahaj lives.

Saturday evening was one of the highlights with a beautifully arranged Raksha Bandhan ceremony that filled the large hall with many brothers and sisters giving and receiving the Rakhi threads, sweets, and gifts - some renewing with great joy established brother-sister relationships, and some establishing new ties of this most pure relationship. The dandya dance that followed was something none of us wanted to ever end, and it lasted into the early hours of the morning, prompting next morning's schedule to be changed at the last minute.

On Sunday morning we had a most beautiful puja, replete with devotion, joy, and divine music performed by a large ensemble of talented Canadian Yogis. At both Saturday and Sunday events, our hearts leapt with joy when someone announced "Shri Mataji is coming!" Then, as we all rose with anticipation, somehow She came in our midst, as the vibrations flowing in our palms and our Sahasraras undeniably showed. Two Yogis carried Her photograph along paths laid down with saris and flowers, onto the stage, and onto Her chair, as we all sang "Swagata", our hearts beating in unison. After the puja, we heard that immediately after Her travel plans had changed, Shri Mataji had first inquired whether the Canadian collective knew about the change, and what they were planning to do. Receiving news that the Canadian collective was planning to host an international seminar on the same weekend, Shri Mataji was overjoyed and asked for all the details of the seminar, which were read to Her from a printed email. Needless to say, Her complete Love, Attention and Presence were felt everywhere at this seminar.

Our gracious Canadian hosts have certainly raised the bar, and in organizing this wondeful seminar have left us wanting for more (I was told that this may become an annual event!) - we are blessed to have been a part of it and cannot express enough gratitude for our Canadian brothers and sisters.


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