Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Public Program at Barrackpore, Kolkata

With the countless blessing of Shri Mataji, a public programe was held at Barrackpore Sukanta Sadan (25 Km from Kolkata, near Barrackpore railway station) on 27th of July, 08. More than 700 seekers turned up to this programe and got their Realization understanding its value.

Hand bills were distributed for 2 weeks before programe to every house, shops and even to passers by, explaining them Sahaja Yoga in short, its benefits, and inviting them all with family & friends at Sukanta Sadan on 27th July. As Barrackpore is a vast area, efforts were made to cover all the possible major areas as far as possible. Posters were spread on street lampposts, near by Railway stations and connecting areas.

For last three days, spreading got boosted up with announcement done on mike with the help of an auto rickshaw which was beautifully decorated with banners, posters, etc. While a group was engaged in announcement, the other group was enjoying the leaflet work.

On 27th evening the programe started at scheduled time (5.30 p.m.) inviting Shri Ganesha with a Ganesh bhajan. Soon the hall started witnessing new seekers and also Sahajis in mass scale. More than 200 Sahajis were present there at this moment.

Seekers were presented with a 30 min audio visual presentation on Sahaja Yoga. The presentation consisted dance and recitation on two poems of sri Rabindranah tagore. It was followed by a slide show presentation on the happening of Sahaja yoga highlighting kundalini awakening, charkas, channels and mother excerpts on the same.

The presentation was followed by Shri Mataji’s speech (15 min) and finally seekers were asked for having their self realization. Every one present in the hall felt the divine bliss on the hand and top of the head as cool and hot breeze. The process was repeated twice and thrice for those who could not feel vibrations in the first attempt.

Two days follow up programe was scheduled on (28th and 29th of July)

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