Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Toronto Seminar feedback

Emails are going back and forth regarding the 2008 Toronto International seminar.

If you attended the seminar, you can share your experience as a comment here.


Tvick said...

A fantastic experience, like any Sahaj seminar would be. We appreciate the toil and dedication of the Torontonians for bringing this event together at such short notice. May Mother bless you'all with eternal love.

sahajji said...

Given the short time for preparation it was SUPEREB. I am so glad that I came. A big thankyou from the heart to all brother and sisters.
Shri Paramchaitanya can do anything but it needs good pair of hands to work it out. You (i.e. collective of Toronto) have shown how it can be done. THANK YOU ALL

Robert Hamilton, Qc. collective said...

The collective desire of Montreal to participate in the seminar brought together twenty people among us.

Picnic in the shade of a willow, the path was enlivened by the songs and a greater appreciation and knowledge of each other.

For two nights, OUR MOTHER covered us under HER PROTECTION by a magnificent rainbow under a dome of pink light above the hotel.

The visit of SWAYAMBHU that are the Niagara Falls by more than one hundred yogis / yoginis filled us with energy.

The magnificent evening programs and presentation of musical collective of Montreal. The voices of our sisters angel Ozlem, Ania, Rachelle and our brother Simon joined the chorus of all caring the Divine vibrations in the heart to the assembly and spontaneously on the example of our big brother Patrick ,all have danced in the JOY of SHRI KRISHNA.

Saturday we filled two cars with our desire to give self- realization. On the way to the festival Jazz Main St-Unionville…. At the booth of SAHAJA YOGA and we gave SELF REALIZATION , it was a wonderful experience.

Wonderful the fraternal ties which were created by humor and spontaneity.

Sunday morning all united in mind for a PUJA We felt THE PRESENCE OF MOTHER, HER ATTENTION AND HER PURE LOVE.

In return we take a ferry boat. As we knew we left a Kingdom.

Armaity (click for album) said...

I had a great time at the seminar for which I have no apt words. Suffice to say, I was literally in 7th heaven.

I would love to share this album with the collectivity.

Love always, armaity.

Anonymous said...

Such a blissfull joyous experience, heart opening raksha-bandhan cermony, fun and vibrational trip to Niagara falls, cultural evenings and small puja on the last day ! Mother's presence could be felt there.

Thanks to lovely brothers and sisters from Toronto for organizing the seminar :-)