Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sahaj seminar in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Dear Sahaj family,

The collective of Tenerife is hereby inviting everyone to the third winter seminar to be held in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain between 5-8 December 2008. We warmly encourage you all to come and share with us some magical days of spiritual growth in the love and devotion of our Mother, Shri Mataji.

This seminar is a national Spanish seminar but we would like to have all the yogis from other countries who are willing and able to join (the language of the meeting will be Spanish but arrangements will be made for non-Spanish speaking yogis to be able to follow). We have a great wish to fill up the Inn like in 2006 (it has 40 places) - in 2007 we were 34. Please share this information in your collectives such as all the yogis can get access to it. Here's a presentation of the 2006 seminar:

We'd like to advertise the event well in advance for all who can come to be able to get lower prices for their air fares. The weekend is a festive one in Spain so prices are likely to grow as the date approaches. For getting reservations for plane tickets to Tenerife (ideally Tenerife Norte), we recommend these websites in this order:,,, (but there are many others).

Place reservation for the seminar:
It will be sufficient to send us the confirmation of the purchase of your plane ticket to:

Will depend on the number of participants but it will probably be less then 100 euros (everything included). As in other seminars, it is recommended, for the good of the collective energy, that each participant attends all the seminar days.

A warm hug and may Mother bless you,
Sahaj collective of Tenerife, Spain


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