Wednesday, 10 September 2008

World Youth Congress

Last month, 6 Yuvas from Australia, Italy and the US represented Sahaja Yoga at the World Youth Congress in Quebec. They presented Sahaja Yoga to over 600 participants. Minakshi Pearce's (one of the Yuvas from Australia) had this to say about their success:

"The CDs were so popular, that some of the newly realized young people were carrying them everywhere so that they could listen while on the buses and planes... We also received two requests for collaboration in community projects. At the moment we are working on compiling a database of contacts that we received, and some information to send to delegates about Sahaja Yoga activities in their countries.

It was a wonderful experience to be in Canada and meet some of the great Yogis that Shri Mataji had mentioned at Guru Puja! Hopefully we will have the chance to come back and visit you again for a bit longer."

Read the article in Australian News letter or go to The World Youth Congress official site

the Vancouver Council

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