Thursday, 2 October 2008

Second Night of Navratri in Cabella

Today the Children from the Centrassi School were received by Shri Mataji. It was all a very pleasant surprise for the children who were in fact rehearsing bhajans and songs to present to Mother on the next available occasion. The uncles on hearing that Shri Mataji expressed the desire to see them in an hour, quickly dressed the children in fitting clothes to have the darshan of the Goddess.

Upon their arrival to the castle the children were made to sit in the Main Hall. Sadhana didi came down to receive them. They sang a few songs which touched the hearts of all present. A little later the children were asked to come into Shri Mataji's living room where She recieved them.

They sang a song to Shri Ganesha after which Shri Mataji distributed gifts to all. Four new computers were presented to the Centrassi school by Shri Mataji. There are other items including a new Television, Bicycles, Barbeque grills, Music-system, DVD Player. She asked Sadhana didi to organize the books and clothes for the school.

The children then asked permission to sing another song. Palazzo Doria heard these tiny angels sing Bhaiya Kayataya. Mother's expression were showing that She was so pleased by their singing that when they finished She said She was happy.

Chocolates and pendants with Mother's photo were later distributed amongst them.

After the children left the hosting countries for the upcoming puja asked Shri Mataji if we could venerate Her on the 2nd night of Navratri. She gave Her consent and a puja was offered at Her Lotus Feet. While the offerings were being made the yogis sang Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu. The ceremony was short yet powerful.


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