Monday, 27 October 2008

Shri Laxmi Puja, Delhi, Sunday 26 Oct. 2008

Today was Dhanteras, the first of the five day period in the middle of which is Diwali. A small Puja was performed to Mother on the occasion and Mother was very pleased. Two ladies started by offering Her Feet chandan (sandal wood powder), kumkum, haldi and rice. Then they did the Shringar (decorating Mother’s feet with alta) with all the ornaments. When the crown was presented to Mother after that, She asked that they put it on Her. Mother then vibrated all the offerings being made to Her including the otti (a thali with things for the Devi like bangles, comb, saree etc) and silver coins. When all the offerings had been made, the arti was performed after which the yogis all sat back down again to absorb the vibrations while some bhajans were being sung for Mother. After two bhajans, the yogis present were getting ready to leave but Mother asked them to stay on saying there was no hurry! After another extremely beautiful bhajan, Mother started speaking. She said she liked the song that had just been sung a lot and that we kept singing so many songs for Her all the time. A mike was brought for Mother so that all could hear what She was saying. So then She said “Can you hear me now? You are all like this (mike) but you don’t know what power you have inside”. She said we all had incredible Shakti within us, that it was God who had placed that Shakti in us and that we do not know how powerful it is.

She said today was a very auspicious day and that anything started on this day would bear fruit and be blessed. She said it was the day of Shri Lakshmi, that Shri Lakshmi does not mean money, but She is the Devi and the Devi is our mother. She said that she looks after every detail of our lives and has kept aside a lot of blessings for us. She said Shri Lakshmi would go to any length to help us. She said that Shri Lakshmi was all forgiveness and compassion.

She also spoke about the Delhi collective and said She was happy to be in Delhi on this day because the yogis of Delhi have a lot of Shraddha. She said they understood Sahaj very well and that is why Delhi was blessed. She said she had been to all the countries and that there was goodness there but that in Delhi there was more Bhakti and Shraddha so everything worked out for Her to be in Delhi on this day, it was not just a coincidence. She then said that Delhi was the ‘sthan’ meaning place of Shri Lakshmi. Mother said the number of yogis in Delhi hadn’t changed but that they grew deeper and understood Sahaj very well.

Mother remembered all the yogis that were not present and said it would have been nice to have this occasion in a big hall so that more yogis could have been present. She said She was happy about having had a Puja on this day because it was such an auspicious day. At the end of the Puja Mother looked at Her Feet and said the vibrations were very strong. She then asked that all the flowers that had been offered Her Feet be distributed to all present so they could take it home. She later also vibrated sugar and water and asked that it be distributed to all the yogis. She was really in the roop of Shri Lakshmi, the impersonation of generosity through Her smiles, Her blessings that She gave again and again, Her personal inquiries to the yogis present and then the distribution of vibrated sugar and water. She even spoke about how big Her house was and said it was big enough for all of us to come and live there together.

It was really a beautiful evening that came to an end too quickly leaving us so charged and joyful!!!!!!!!!! During Her speech, when Mother was speaking about Shri Lakshmi and the importance of this day, She said ‘I am telling you this because I know you will tell everyone else’ referring to the yogis who were not there. It is impossible to put into this note the mixture of emotions and well being that was in the air but I hope these words transmit a bit of the message and carry some of the vibrations of the Puja.

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Lt Gen (R) VK Kapoor said...

You have forgotten the most significant remark of Sri Mataji during this Puja. She said- "All your problems will be over" in Hindi she said- "Aap ki sari samasyaen dur ho jaengi". You should always take advice from others who attended the PUJA if you are unable to record it.

Lt Gen (R) VK Kapoor - NOIDA