Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sahaj report from Barack Obama's Inauguration

From: Diana Rothenberg

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Were there other Sahaja Yogis at Barack Obama's Inauguration? I was
there with another yogini and had the thrill of experiencing the kind
of kinship among masses of people that I have only experienced at
Pujas. Here were millions of folks from all parts of the US and the
world. Everyone had a smile or a hug for another. We all knew that
we were celebrating a turning point in our history which will surely
affect the whole world.

We knew we had arrived at a point of healing and forgiveness that has
brought us to the light of a new day. No words were necessary. An
African-American man in his sixties insisted that a white woman take
his seat on the train. Later that day, a white woman insisted on
giving her seat to a very tired black man, inspite of his protests
that she stay seated. When he finally accepted her offer, he almost
immediately dozed off.

There was singing, laughing, crying and endless crowds all moving
towards the mall to be a part of history. The movement itself was the
goal. That is why, when huge numbers did not even get through the
gates into a viewing section, there were no outbursts, just peaceful
surrender.....ok, we didn't get to see it, but we can feel it. Talk
of the greatness of God was plentiful......from sweeping Barack into
office to sweeping away barriers that formally separated those that
now embraced.

To a Sahaja Yogi, it was like witnessing the possibility of a new
world. While the affection that flowed through the crowd was
palpable. there is no doubt, that as we do our job, the ability to
strengthen and sustain the moment will be provided.

At the end of the day, the tread from Mother's heart through the
hearts of all that celebrated this turning point provided a moment of
the greatest joy and humility.


If you were there, please tell your experiences.


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