Wednesday, 13 May 2009

NirmalArts Academy

Enrolment for the NirmalArts Summer Academy in Cabella!

With Her Holiness Shri Mataji’s blessings the 4th edition of the NirmalArts Academy will take place after Guru Puja in Cabella from Tuesday 7th July -18th July. Once again we would like to thank the Sahaja Yoga World Foundation Centre for its continued patronage and support and to all the teachers and helpers for their generous commitment of time and energy.

Conceived in the spirit of Shri Mataji’s vision of global unity and cultural integration, the NirmalArts international academy offers a multitude of courses and workshops held by expert artists from many disciplines, traditions and styles who see their art as an expression and instrument for spiritual growth. Bathed in the beauty and vibrations of Cabella, participants can enjoy a varied selection of courses from Indian and Western music and dance to portrait and miniature painting, sculpture and cooking (see website for full details of courses). Participants are invited to enrol in advance at our website: or drop in at the dedicated stand at Adi Shakti Puja in Cabella.

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