Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Once Shri Krishna was about to kill his evil cousin brother Shishupal when his aunt pleaded for her son’s life. Taking piety on his aunt's plea, Shri Krishna promised to forgive Shishupal’s 101 mistake.

Many years later, when the Pandava’s were inaugurating their new palace Indraprasth (just like we are about to inaugurate Nirmalprasth), they invited Shri Krishna to worship his lotus feet to seek auspicious blessings. Since Shishupal was not invited to this ceremony, he got very angry and rushed to Indraprasth. Upon seeing that Shri Krishna, his cousin brother was being worshiped, he started insulting Shri Krishna.

The Pandava’s wanted to immediately take revenge on Shishupal but Shri Krishna asked them to forgive. When Shishupal had insulted Shri Krishna for the 101th time, he warned Shishupal to stop. Unfortunately Shishupal continued his vicious insults. At this point Shri Krishna invoked his divine weapon Sudarshana to behead Shishupal. As the weapon left Shri Krishna’s index finger, it cut and started bleeding.

Draupadi (incarnation of Shri Vishnumaya and Shri Krishna’s sister) immediately tore a strip of silk off her sari and tied it around Krishna's wrist to stop the flow of blood. Shri Krishna was so touched by her action that he found himself bound to her by this pure love. He promised to repay the debt of every thread that she tied on his finger that day.

Shri Krishna repaid this debt of love during "Vastra haran "(removing of clothes forcefully) of Draupadi. Draupadi's "Vastra Haran" was done in the assembly of King Dhritrashtra, when Yudishtir, her husband lost her in gamble, at that time Krishna indefinitely extended her saree, so it could not be removed, to save her chastity.

This was the beginning of Rakhi which means the protection of the bond/bandhan of pure love between brother and sister.

Maybe this is the reason why Sahaja Yogis tie Rakhi to Shri Mataji seeking Her Divine protection in the bandhan of pure love. As we see Her in our brothers and sisters we tie Rakhi to them to refresh this “call of love”.

Let the threads of our Rakhi of pure collective love from the whole world be tied around Her wrist with the earnest prayer "We all the Sahaja Yogis of the world love you Shri Mataji"

We are so fortunate that in-midst of the worst calamity affecting human society today, we Sahaja Yogis are fully protected by Her Bandhan of Love. Coincidentally the 3rd eclipse of the July-August 2009 falls on today’s Raksha Bandha Day.

May Her Blessings avert all calamities that may befall mankind and usher a new era of peace, joy and collective living which is the symbol of our Nirmalprasth.

It is so wonderful to witness and participate in the collective joy to prepare for Her coming to our Nirmalprasth.

In true spirit of Raksha Bandhan,
From a Sahaja Yogi Brother

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