Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sahaja Yoga Festival - Togliatti, Russia - 2009

Dear brothers and sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We would like to share with you the experience of the recent International Sahaja Yoga Festival held on the bank of the River Volga near Togliatti, Russia.

"July 30. The day which is specially marked in the Russian Sahaja Yoga calendar – the day of the beginning of the International Festival in Togliatti. This year here, in the place which the Yogis have lovingly called the “Glade”, there gathered about 2 700 Sahaja Yogis from Russia and other countries. You come to the Glade – and life is already bubbling here…"

To read the full story about the Festival illustrated with pictures, please, visit "Sahaja Yoga News from Russia" web-blog http://news.sahajayoga-russia.ru/?p=25#more-25

Since July, 2009, we have been regularly publishing stories depicting the experience of the Russian Yogis in spreading Sahaja Yoga. If you would like to get such kind of news in the future, there is an opportunity to subscribe to the articles via rss or e-mail – check the upper right hand corner in the sidebar of the blog http://news.sahajayoga-russia.ru

There has been also created the web-site "Sahaja Yoga: 20 Years in Russia" depicting the advancement of Sahaja Yoga in Russia since 1989 till 2009: http://www.sahajayoga-russia.ru/ We hope our experience will be interesting and useful to you.

Much love,
Korotaev Dmitriy,
On behalf of the Russian Sahaja Collective

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