Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Beauty of Permeation with Enlightened Dust (Rumi and Shri Mataji)

A Sahaja Yogi should permeate - like Music

"Dhulia means the dust. Dust. And one day I had written in childhood, a poem, I remember. Very interesting poem it was - I don't know where it is now - but which said that (poem is here)..
I was about seven years of age, I remember - 'To be a dust particle', I remember that very clearly, long time back, 'That I should be a dust particle. So that I will permeate into people.' Which is a very big thing - to become a dust particle of that kind. To just whatever you touch, you see, that becomes enliving, whatever you just feel, that is fragrance. It is such a great thing to be like that. And that was my desire, and it will be achieved. At that young age, I had this idea of becoming a dust particle and today just while talking to you, I remembered that I wanted to be that, and that is what this place is.
And Raulbai (one senior sahaja yogini) is like that. She is a very simple woman, very simple woman and she lives like a very simple person. She has a sense of permeation. And now there are so many Sahaja Yogis.. and I am sure that they will take up Sahaja Yoga very well. There are lots of Sahaja Yogis from Dhulia now. And I am sure there are going to be more people. I hope you have met all of them. Make friends with all of them. Try to know them, who they are. They may not know English. You get somebody to translate. Talk to them and be nice to them. Be friendly with them. I wanted you to meet them for permeation. You should know who are the people here, who are in Nasik . Because somehow we never meet the Sahaja Yogis, you see, who are in that particular place. And when we go back we have only one or two addresses. It is not a good idea. Try to see how many people there are. Ask questions about them. And all that. This permeation is only possible when your ego starts permeating all around. And this is the way to overcome the problems of the right side and that is how to worship Saraswati..."

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