Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Doorway

Why are we here, what is our purpose?

Looking for the answer we open many doors.

Each door leads us to nowhere.

Imagine finding the door that leads you on a path to the truth.

The lady of light takes your hand.

Along the path there are fragrant gardens, streams,

forests, mountains, valleys; undisturbed.

Eagles fly high above with a message to only those who can hear.

An Elephants glance instills innocence in the ones that follow.

The sun sets, a pink sky fades and a brilliant moon appears.

The shimmering sea and twinkling stars above are silent.

You arrive at a sacred place where her children are together as One.

A thread is tied and a bond is formed.

Pure love and protection between a brother and sister.

Some say it’s not possible,

Others wish it could be,

A chosen few realize it.

Imagine finding the truth.

Just imagine….


Jai Shri Mataji!



1 comment:

Susi B said...

SiMply Beautiful! My compliments to the author! JSM!!!