Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Q: Is there a Sahaj Dress Code?! A: Jedi-Essay

"Give up artificiality and be more natural." says Shri Mataji

And She continues:

"So you have to be a natural person; very natural in your behavior. .WISDOM IS VERY IMPORTANT IN SAHAJA YOGA, that you have to keep intact all the time. Natural means you must wear natural dresses, which are suitable to you, e.g. in this climate there is no use to wear dress like Rama used to wear. He will not wear anything on the top, there was no need. You have to wear the dress of whatever country you belong; whatever suits the occasion.
Whatever you think is dignified and good. It speaks for your.. elegance and your personality. .. No clownish things are necessary, no dandy stuff is necessary. Simple, beautiful dresses should be worn which give you dignity.

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