Monday, 12 October 2009

Daglio Yuva Story & Album - A fantastic Meditation Camp for Young & Old

After two weeks of my stay in Cabella, I spontaneously decided that I’d go to Daglio. I only had about 1 minute to decide, but I knew I was up for an adventure to unfold. The view and serenity is unimaginable.

I was awe-struck because it felt like I was once again in Dharamshala. The whole place was surrounded with mountains and valleys and the vibrations were amazing. Someone even told me that Shri Mataji Herself said that it really was like Dharamshala. At Daglio, I taught music, mostly the harmonium and some new bhajans, and also Nature art. It was simply art, but only using things you found outside in the wilderness.
Read Abi's complete story with bonfire and nature photos at Sahaja Yoga Halton.

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