Monday, 12 October 2009

Sahaj Thanksgiving to Kundalini & Spirit - Native Indian Touch

Thanksgiving with Sahaj & Native Indian Prayers -The Wind & The People connected to Kundalini

Thanksgiving in America has Native Indian roots. It will be about Giving Thanks to the Creator, reflected in all parts of His Creation. That includes our lives. And these Thanks have to be given in a Collective Way. This should be a Collective and Sincere Introspection, ultimately a Meditation on what gives sense to our Existence and to what sustains our existence -  in a state of Gratefulness.

The genuine Connection to Nature's Elements, to Mother Earth, to any other Agent of Creation (or Divine Entity or Deity ) while realizing the Oneness of all within the Creator, it is striking obviously similar in both Native Indian traditions and in Sahaj understanding and practise of this Connection =Yoga with Life.

So below, it's included the intertwined Wisdom coming from Native Indian Source as well from Sahaj Source, all in a pure thread of Unity in front of the Creator and its Creation/Nature, acknowledging that these are reflected within us as The Tree of Life: the subtle system of  energy centres and divine qualities nourished by the motherly sap, the energy Kundalini itself.

Enjoy also the images that are all from Halton region, some are from the Crawford Lake where one may experience each time the sahaj meditation with a Native Indian Soul.

Read article with Quotes from Shri Mataji and Native Indian prayers, published at Sahaja Yoga Halton.

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