Friday, 2 October 2009

Shri Mataji visits Cabella School (Saturday Sep 26th, 2009)

Tonight we had the inauguration for the Cabella School. It was amazing to be apart of something so huge, something so historical.

Shri Mataji arrived around 6:15 and was greeted by all the parents, staff and children singing a bhajan. The lights started flickering on and off, but which ever room Shri Mataji entered, the lights stayed on the whole time.

First she went inside of my classroom which I teach in. Uncle Robert explained this is the Grade 1 classroom. She stayed in this room for quite some time looking around at everything. It was such an overwhelming feeling to see that my class was getting this huge blessing.

Next She went into the other classroom where Uncle Robert explained that this is where Italian and Art classes take place. All of us teachers were in this room and we got introduced one by one- who we were, where we come from and our position with the school. She looked at each of us with such strong attention. I took a photo at this point of Shri Mataji and Sir CP since I happened to have my camera in my hand. I didn't realize the flash would go off, which caused Sir CP to look at me and suggest we take a group photo! Of course no one disagreed and we all blissfully found ourselves in a photo with Mother.

Shri Mataji then entered the big room,which was filled with all the parents and staff. A dorm aunty from Centrassi and I had the opportunity to do aarti to start off the evening. The children sang a few more songs and then Sir CP spoke.

He said "This is a very historical day which will go down in history. Many many congratulations to your Mataji as her dream has become reality. I have no doubt that this school will go on for many many years and many schools will open up all over the world. Sahaj education is one of the most important things and it is so wonderful that this school is now here to provide this. "

He said he feels so happy and really it has been a blessing for him to come today. He started to get teary eyed which was so sweet. They offered the garland to Shri Mataji and right when they put it on Her feet she started smiling so much!

There were a few people who said Thank yous to Shri Mataji. Uncle Sanjay repeated how everything happened and how it was just last year Shri Mataji told them to look for a four story building made out of stone which is on the curve of the road. They found it and here we were at the very first inaugeration of the school. Everyone was really joyful the whole time.

Since they did a puja at the school, they said that there was no need to do one for Navaratri because Shri Mataji came in the form of Shri Durga and destroyed any negativity at the school. Afterward, Aunty Deb (from Australia) and I were walking to the hanger and we looked up at the sky and all of the clouds had formed into a lotus shape looking like the one above the sahasrara! There were so many petals it was amazing!!!!

It was such an amazing historical moment and it has truly changed the vibrations in the school. When I went into the school the next day, it was almost like I walked into a wall because the vibrations were so strong. Everything smelt of flowers and the air seemed so much lighter than before. Things have been going really well since then, and it's all thanks to Shri Mataji for coming to bless this school in Her physical form!

Lots of love and joy to everyone!
Pragya Richards

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