Friday, 4 December 2009

Meta Modern Era now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

In her book Meta Modern Era, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi admits the difficulties of writing about the western world. The West is like an enormous tree which has grown with tremendous outward flourishes, but has no roots. The western mind has been kept away from the truth by all of our society’s superficialities and distractions. Our rational intellects have not allowed us to grasp the simple and the obvious.

The new world which Shri Mataji envisions is one of a single, innate human culture, one world with roots that reach deep into our collective and global past. She also offers a way of attaining that state, a transformation in human awareness which is now possible for every human being.

“A person who can say with authority what is absolutely right or absolutely wrong has to be an enlightened person.... Such a person is a saint or a seer, a greatly evolved soul, whose unique individuality is free of all taints of egoism and conditionings. They are, we might say, meta-modern and they do not care for the limitations of rational understanding, the norms imposed by the cult of money or the power-orientations of fads and fashions in modern times.”

Like the film of the same name, we are caught in modern times like Charlie Chaplin’s tramp, repeatedly and mechanically tightening the widgets on the conveyor belt long after the machines have stopped running. The meta modern man or woman does not do things out of dull habit. They do not serve the machines, the economy, the fad or fashions. “Through his lifetime he will not do anything that jars or that is considered sinful or anything that goes against human benevolence. Nor will he create destructive ideas in the minds of the people. On the contrary, whatever he does is constructive and compassionate and creates peace.”

Most writers who have authored books about such a new world have a concern in the territory they have staked out. They are part of it, writing from within the animal they are trying to dissect.

Shri Mataji writes from beyond the limits of our culture. As an Indian, she knows the streams of eastern culture, but she also knows the foibles, the ambitions, the backwaters of our society. And as a woman of the spirit, she is beyond and above both worlds. She cares deeply about what is happening to us. She has compassion. And she has a solution.

Her solution may sound like an ancient and secret wisdom, but it is only a secret because we have kept it away from ourselves for so long. In our pursuit of the material and the mundane, we have been too busy to listen to our inner self – and so our roots have withered.

Meta Modern Era is a groundbreaking book not just to read – but, most importantly, to experience.


The free version includes the first 3 chapters


Proceeds go to Vishwa Nimala Dharma USA.

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