Tuesday, 30 March 2010

BiP contest for Mother's Day

From today starts the 1st BiP Contest for the Mother's Day with due date occurring on the 1st of May 2010. All the sahaja yogis are invited to participate!

To participate in the contest, you just need to send to the team of "Benvenuti in Paradiso" (means "Welcome to Paradise", http://benvenutiinparadiso.wordpress.com - the Italian sahaja weblog directed to the seekers) one of the following works on the subject "dedicated to mother" :

* a poem
* a picture/drawing
* an image (of dimensions: width 760px and height 190px) to be used as header in the BiP blog
* a music/song

The best works will be published (eventually translated) on "Benvenuti in Paradiso" blog on the occasion of the Mother's Day of the 9th of May 2010... and the others? They will receive anyway the blessings of the Divine for having participated!

Again, all the works will need to follow the topic: "dedicated to mother". And remember an important thing: they will be directed to the public.

Please participate everyone and pass it on!!!

Team of BiP

Write to:
Alex: alex.buaiscia@gmail.com
Silvana: silvanasono@yahoo.it

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Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, here is the result of the contest:
in English: http://mummysday.wordpress.com
in Italian: http://benvenutiinparadiso.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/un-giorno-dedicato-alla-mamma

Happy Mother's Day to All.

BiP's Team