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Book relating to the benefits and experience of thoughtless awareness

Dear Yogis,

As you know, a mainstream publisher has approached our research programme and indicated that they would like to publish a book relating to the experience and benefits of thoughtless awareness arising from the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation. This book will feature both the scientific evidence as well as first hand examples of how the experience of meditation (ie thoughtless awareness) has helped reduce stress, improve health, deal with difficult situations, improve creativity, increase job performance, etc, etc.

So far we have received some great stories BUT we need MORE!!

So we would like to remind you to send us brief descriptions of experiences that you have had which practically demonstrate how the experience of thoughtless awareness has helped you. The more the better!

Below are some examples which we have received so far. They both fascinating and inspiring We need lots more like this!

Over 20 years ago, I learned how to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Once I overcame the total fear and claustrophobia of asking my body to, unnaturally, become an underwater creature, the sense of peace and oneness I felt was overwhelming and I have never forgotten it, although I have sadly forgotten the skills of how to dive! But that feeling of being one with everything I have achieved many times over, once I learned how to meditate. I can tap into that unconscious state, in a totally conscious way by achieving mental silence through Sahaja Yoga meditation. It stills my thoughts and helps me to witness any problems I might be facing by taking me beyond them in a peaceful and powerful way.
Debbie, UK

I thought I’d email to report something interesting that happened after the short ‘mental silence’ exercise. I swim most days, around 2k, and yesterday I went for my swim immediately following your talk. When I entered the water, having taken part in the ‘mental silence’ exercise only 10 minutes before, I had the sensation of feeling more buoyant than usual. I felt I was really floating high in the water and it felt easier to swim. The sensation diminished over the course of the swim, which yesterday was only 1k (as we over-ran a bit!). Now this could have been due to not swimming the day before as I went for a long run instead, or autosuggestion of some kind having only just completed the meditation exercise, but I thought that it was worth reporting. I will certainly try the mental silence exercise again prior to swimming to see if the sensation is replicated.
Ken, Australia

When I was 28 years old, I learnt to meditate the SY way. Soon after, I enrolled into a part time Masters programme in Mechanical Engineering while working full-time in a very demanding job in the Oil and Gas Industry. Being in the state of thoughtless awareness refreshed and rejuvenated me and made me able to absorb the lectures I attended and reduced the stress I would have felt in balancing career and studies. Also, I found that my memory improved and somehow, I felt “guided” internally to the important/core aspects of whatever I needed to do. This allowed me to minimize my time and maximize my effectiveness in my work, studies and even in my life in general.
Also, I was born with partial facial paralysis and have an “undeveloped” left ear. The facial paralysis made the whole left side of my face droop, and I was not able to close my left eye properly – a problem that created endless problems of red runny eyes. After about a year of meditation, the paralysis very gradually reduced. I was able to move more and more parts of my face and even my left eye could be closed more completely. This improvement still continues to this day.
Lat, Malaysia

Some guidelines include:

· About 100-300 words in length.

· personal experiences relating to thoughtless awareness rather than general comments about Sahaja Yoga.

· the main aim is to describe how thoughtless awareness/meditation has helped you (or possibly someone very close to you).

· avoid using Sahaja yoga words, phrases, concepts.

· try not to preach about Sahaja yoga- just give the facts about your experience, how it made you feel at the time and what practical impact it has had.

· please include your name and contact details so that we can discuss with you if necessary.

· your name will not be published without your permission but we do need it to prove to the publisher that each story belongs to a real person.

Please email your experiences to Dr Ramesh Manocha

Thanks again!

Dr Ramesh Manocha
Meditation Research Programme

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