Friday, 30 April 2010

Victoria Blitz! (BC, Canada)

Last weekend 21 Sahaja Yogis travelled from Vancouver and Seattle across the waters to Vancouver Island for a West Coast "Victoria Blitz"!

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, and also one of the first settlements on the western coast of Canada. Vancouver Island itself is extremely beautiful, blessed with pristine nature that attracts many artists and seekers.

Over the last year Sahaja Yogis are traveling to Victoria to offer meditation classes to seekers every Sunday at 11AM.

We would love to share with you photos, videos and stories from the collective trip taken last weekend.

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  • 4 lovely stories below from the weekend.
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Dear brothers and sisters,

We spent a wonderful weekend in Victoria.

The joy was tremendous. Meditations and big breakfasts with 21 people in a small hotel room were fantastic!

You just feel part of a large family sharing stories, food, bliss and love. Everything was flowing like on the boat which brought us on Friday evening to Victoria. The light from the sunset sparkled on the peaceful water and a large rainbow was shining on the marvellous landscape. Fatih took pictures of us with the rainbow coming out of our Sahasrara : we were ready to spread the light of the Lotus at one thousand petals!

On Sunday when we were spending the afternoon in the Shopping Mall to attract the seekers and give them self-realisation, one lady came up. She seemed interested but had to meet somebody a few minutes later. She took the brochure with Shri Mataji's picture and said she would come back after her appointment to try the experience. You don't really believe it when people say that! Half an hour later, however, she came back. She said very determined : "I want this" pointing to the brochure she had received. She read it on the way to her meeting and felt it was important.

She explained that a couple of years ago, while she was sitting peacefully at home, she felt something very special. She felt overwhelmed with complete serenity, bliss and gratefulness. Since this blessed moment, she never felt anything of that intensity. And she was waiting for it to overwhelm her again... So we started the experience of self-realisation. She was totally surrendered with closed eyes and a smile on her face. When she was trying to feel the cool breeze on the top of her head, she said "I feel it, it's so cool, so cool!". And she started crying. First she felt sadness coming out and then immense joy bubbling from inside.

At that moment, three or four people came to the desk and asked information about our activity and waited to get their self-realisation. They seemed attracted by the strong vibrations which were emitting in the air.

It was simply heavenly and a beautiful way to end our journey.

Thank you all.

Jai Shri Mataji!



I too have a story to tell:

In the shopping mall, one time there was a line of people waiting to get realization. I was standing in that line with a lady who was keen to get realization. Celine was sitting inside giving realization to one old lady and we were looking at her. She was sitting quitely and suddenly a broad smile came on her face and when she opened her eyes there were tears in her eyes, as we both were looking at her, the lady standing by me waiting to get her realization said, "She is bubbling with joy"!!!



I think the following incident was narrated by Himanshu to me on the way back to Vancouver on the ferry. He said that, "after we had taken the treatments in the seminar and went to the mall, the energy level had chanaged to a considerable extent. During their time at the mall, if for some reasons they had missed the person whom they wanted to stop and tell, eventually another yogi would end up giving realization." So, what he meant to say was any pure desire the yogi had that time was being fulfilled. It was just very fantastic to infer that when we are one and we are clear vibrationally, then we can achieve anything.



The week-end on Victoria Island with having a seminar, public program, and giving self-realization on Saturday and Sunday at a near by mall from where the public program is held each Sunday was all very wonderful and full of vibrations.

Thought we had experienced it all until late on Sunday afternoon when in a short time we would be taking all down and hid back to the ferry to take us back to Vancouver.  When such a delightful happening came about.

A little girl about two half or three came walking by holding her mother's hand. With one of the yogies walking over to hand them a small flying stating the location of the weekly program in Victoria along with the web site address for on it.

The little girl put out her hand and took it from the yogi. She looked as if see was reading the flyer and it happened.

With such excitement she started dancing with such joy and happiness. Her hand with the flyer was waving in the air as if she was spreading the news of the programs that is being held.and  along   the vibrations as she danced down the mall. The joy of Shri Mataji in her life.

Never have I seen a child or anyone for that matter dance with such innocence of beauty, energy and joy as I saw in her along with the movement of which I haven't seen anyone do.

As she past she looked at us and a bit down the way she turned to take one more look and increased her movements.

All that came to mind was if I could have the blessing of seeing Shri Ganesha dance for Shri Mataji I felt that It would be seeing Him at that moment.

Children can say it all in such a simple form of expression.

Thank you Shri Mataji for letting me be a part of this wonderful week-end that was spent on Vancouver Island along with my brothers and sisters.

Jai Shri Mataji


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