Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Buddies: hello from Albania

I am living in Albania. There are just three Sahaja Yogis here.

We have a small center in Tirana and 10 people are coming to weekly lessons but they are new and not ready for puja.

Because of my job I am travelling Balkan counties and I am trying to visit collectivities.

You know there is no collectivity in whole Balkan countries like Bosnia, Montenegro

and There are some small collectivities in countries like Macedonia, Albania, Hrvatska, Sirbia, Grecee, Slovenya and Kosova.

Mostly groups are 10 to 15 not big.

So we are not being so effective there is no enough people to make programs and enough money also.

There are some big collectivities in same region or close to region like Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and maybe even Hungary.

some collectivities thinking that they have to to put attention just their county. I think every one of us can have a wider attention and wider desire.

Bulgarians doing some amazing jobs already. Yanchov is working very hard.

But we need more because there are a lot of place to go and a lot of job to do.

I think that way if we able to create network between all these counties which small and big

may be we can create a big Balkan Sahaj project and so we can find enough people to spread Sahaja yoga.

When we come together I think we will be enough powerful to establish Sahaja Yoga in this lands.


Nirmal Love

Yekta Sungu

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