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Kuchipudi Dance Course @ Canajoharie

Dear Sahaj Family world wide,

I hope you all are in good health. From July to August for a month, I will be teaching dance and carnatic vocal at Canajoharie, USA. USA council is trying to spread the word about it.

This e-mail has the course description clearly. People who are interested in learning can contact Michael Fuselli -

Thank you for your time. Have a great weekend. Much Nirmal Love, Sandeep Bodhanker.

Dr Sandeep Bodhanker

Member of International Dance Council - CID, UNESCO

+44 7770 260 536

+44 121 778 3157


What will you learn?

The dance group will start daily with yoga classes and south indian vocal classes. The course includes fundamental steps, rhythmic patterns, traditional dance items (such as dancing on a plate and/or on a clay pot), rhythmic dances, semi classical dance items and how to choreograph. Most importantly, how to use dance to give Self-Realisation.

Students will also learn about the origin and history of Indian classical dances, hand gestures, emotional expressions and dance mathematics.

Course: Kuchipudi Dance and Carnatic Vocal

During the camp, dance will be taught at three levels depending on prior experience. There will also be collective yoga and carnatic vocal (South Indian classical music) classes for dance students.


Practical - Fundamental steps, Jathis (Sequences of steps), Shlokas (rhythmic poetic verse) for the seven chakras, Ganesha Shabdam.

Theory - History and origin of dance, Samyutha Hasta; Asamyutha Hasta; Devata Hasta, (Hand gestures).


Practical - Brief revision of the beginners course, Choreography on Sahaj Bhajans, Keerthanams (traditional Kuchipudi dance items)

Theory - Brief revision of beginners' theory, Drishti Bheda (Eye movements), Greeva Bedha (Neck movements), Bhru Bedha (Eye Brow Movements) and Shiro Bhedas (Head Movements)


Practical - Brief revision of intermediate course, Tarangam (Dancing on a plate), Pot Dance, Padams and Sabdams.

Theory - Brief revision of intermediate theory, rhythmic patterns (identifying, counting and calculating rhythm), choreography, expressions and emotions.

All levels (Collective Seminar):Using dance to give Self Realisation. Dance in relation to Chakras.

What you will need


Females: Indian Punjabis, leggings/ harem pants with chunni (dupatta)

Males: Kurthas, leggings/ harem pants with a piece of coth similar to chunni (dupatta)

Stationary: An A4 note book (plain paper preferable), pen/pencil.

Accessories: Bells, Costume, Dance Ornaments and any dance related books if you already have them.

Suggested Time Table:

Morning Meditation

7am - Yoga and stretching class for all levels (Collective Class)


9am - Collective Music Class (Carnatic Vocal - South Indian Classical Music) for all levels

10am - Dance Class - Beginners (Satyam)

11am - Dance Class - Intermediate (Shivam)

12am - Dance Class - Advanced ( Sundaram)


Independent practise

5pm - Dance Class - Beginners (Satyam)

6pm - Dance Class - Intermediate (Shivam)

7pm - Dance Class - Advanced ( Sundaram)

Evening Meditation


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