Tuesday, 18 May 2010

National Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Nepal (2010)

Jai Shri Mataji,

With the Divine attention of our beloved Shri Mataji, a National Sahaja Yoga Seminar was conducted successfully in Nepal from 14th to 15th May, 2010. The International Seminar was postponed due to violence in the country so we had a National Seminar as per Shri Mataji's Desire. It gives us great joy and pleasure to be able to say that the Seminar was immensely and joyously successful. The Seminar was conducted for 2 days, which mainly comprised of Havana on the first day and Sahashrara Puja on the second day. Moreover Sahaja Interaction and Presentation Sessions, Musical and Cultural Sessions and Collective Shoebeating added much divine flavor to this Joyous Event.

The Havana on the first day was immensely powerful and the vibrations, coolness, joy and silence that followed after that, compared to nothing. The following day's Sahashrara Puja was unbelievably joyous. From the start to the end, the Puja was amazingly beautiful. The stage where Shri Mataji was seated had beautiful brilliance that everyone could notice with great joy. The flow of Param Chaitanya throughout the Puja and specially during the Aarati made the environment so powerfully divine that words can't do full justice to the happening. The Silence that was deeply felt after the Puja was so smooth and settling. Everyone could feel the presence of Shri Mataji and that was another beauty of the happening. The Musical and Cultural Programmes after the Havana and Puja were very refreshing and pleasing and continued till 2 am into the night. Around 700 Sahaja Yogis from around Nepal took part in the Seminar and felt the joy of being in the presence of the Divine. Only "Joy" sums up the Event.

Thank you Shri Mataji for blessing the event. Thank you Shri Mataji for being present there. Thank you O Mother, for letting us make you Happy. We pray that we get such opportunities again and again and again!

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Jai Shri Mataji
Nepal Collective.

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