Friday, 14 May 2010

New look released for Health Centre site link (please visit)

Enjoy from Rabi:

Dear family,

Jai Shri Mataji,

We must have had a tremendous Sahasrara weekend - last week with the celebration of Sahasrara Puja at Cabella in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji that completed our 40th year of our supreme spiritual journey in the history of mankind ever.There also have been many more news that are making its obvious round in the net these days and we are ofcourse aware of it.

Here is yet another interesting news that speaks of designing of the new look for the "International Health Centre site" that one may like to revisit (after its reworking status on the existing site with dedicated efforts of Yogis in Health Centre in collaboration with the efforts of SITA India team).

This is an official release and announcement for the opening of the newly launched site and request to all to revisit the new International Sahaja Yoga Health and Research Centre site dedicated to Shri Mataji and offered at Her Holy Feet for Her blessings on the occsion of 40th Sahasrara celebration . This has new flavor and new dimension. One may like to seek his own interest with a broader perspective.

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