Monday, 31 May 2010

Public Program in Colombo, Sri Lanka (May 2010)

This is to share the good news of the first ever public programs in Colombo during the last two days which has been a great success by Mother's blessings. During the past two days, seekers with great depth and understanding have filled the program hall in the famous Ramakrishna Mission in Colombo, at the shores of the Indian Ocean. The first day, May 28th, saw 75 new seekers and the following day, May 29th, witnessed 55 bright faces where 25 of them had come back for the follow-up program and 30 seekers showed-up for the first time. Today a team of Sahaja Yogis is going to have another follow-up program at Ramakrishna Mission seeing the response of seekers during the first two days and another team of our sisters have started for the northern part of this land to arrange programs in Kaithady and in Jaffna.

In the programs, all new seekers have gone through a set of sessions, often conducted in parallel, on Sahaja Yoga introduction, followed by self-realization, then foot-soaking, then meditation and so on. The programs continued for a length of 3 hours on both the days, often indoor and at times at the outside lawn and all seekers had thoroughly enjoyed it. They were so much touched by Mother's love that all of them were very eager to continue in it and many of them even showed interest in joining Sahaja Yogis travelling to Jaffna. It was really heart-warming to see the positive response from the seekers and to know how much they were waiting for this.

Around 21 Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters came from various parts of the world, like USA, India, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland – to make this mission a success. Leaving aside four brothers coming from India, the rest were all our sisters who came all the way to Sri Lanka, surrendering all their work and families to the Holy Lotus Feet. Throughout the entire event, the Stri-Shakti (feminine power) is doing a tremendous job and it is remarkable to see how all our sisters took charge of organizing the programs from beginning to end – like planning for all the programs, arranging halls and all other equipments and then executing those in a sweet and efficient manner.

The vibrations are bit heavy here, due to years of war and thousands of deaths in this land - and may be, the heaviness can be traced back to the days of Ravana, the ruler of this land. Many little obstacles popped-up all the while but with the blessings of Shri Adi Shakti finally everything has just worked out.

Please find few photos from the programs in last two days. This is just a running report from Colombo and a more detailed one with more photos will be shared soon. Please put your attention and give a bandhan for the success of the next part of this series of programs.

Jai Shri Mataji

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