Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sad demise of Dr. Arun Apte

We hereby announce the sad demise of Dr. (Pt.) Arun Shridhar Apte, the most renowned Sahaja-singer from Maharashtra. He passed away today (15-05-2010) in the morning due to an acute chest infection of which he was suffering from, for last few days.

Arun was born in a family of musicians on 25th November, 1951 at a place called Ahmadnagar, in Maharashtra, Western India. His father, Shridhar Anant Apte was a doctor and a very good Pakhawaj player, Tabla player and also a music researcher. He was also a well-known singer in Dhrupad style. His mother, Mangala Apte, was a Gwalior Gharana singer, a disciple of Pandit D.V. Paluskar. Arun's wife Surekha, who hails from Goa, is a gifted musician with a melodious voice. Arun learnt music for 10 years from his guru Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, who is regarded a Rishi in Indian music.

Dr. Arun Apte was currently involved with the Grace of Mataji Nirmala Devi in researching the curative aspects of Sahaja Yoga and Music. He was appointed as the Principal and CEO for Shri P.K.Salve Kala Pratishthan, Vaitarna, Maharashtra on 17th Jan 2005. Dr Arun Apte was a registered medical practitioner in music therapy by INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES registered by the government of West Bengal with the open INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINES. He is internationally as expert in the field of music therapy through spiritual yoga method. 

A specialist in singing Hindustani classical ragas and semi classical music like Thumari, bhajans, Stage music(Natya sangeet) Marathi Bhavgeet, he has composed and set to music many devotional bandishis and developed new and innovative techniques if “Medicinal Indian Vocal Music Therapy”. In 1993 Dr. Arun met our Divine mother,Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. He received his Self Realization from her and was initiated into her teachings of Sahaja yoga. This experience was to be pivotal in his musical career, as it gave him unique insights into music through his holistic understanding, which opened up new horizons in his research, science and application of music in various fields. 

The true meaning of Indian music was experienced by Arun after coming in Sahaja Yoga. He could relate to the Joy of Music with the Joy of the spirit. His highly evolved Music elevates the listener and helps him in connecting with the higher Divine Being. Dr. Arun Apte gave lectures and demonstrations explaining therapeutic and curative powers of sound in several parts of India, Italy, France, Austria, Russia, various parts of UK i.e. London, York, Leeds, Cardiff, Bath, Bristol and Scotland. The Times of India spoke of his music as a “Journey Sublime”.

Dr.Apte’s integral participation along with other seminars and workshops (University of Leeds, University of York), has been enlightening and awe-inspiring to the listeners. His performance on BBC program Music Live spread his “Musical Message”. Dr. Arun Apte’s Medicinal Indian vocal Music therapy is a culmination of 10 years of research on the effects of Indian music based on a combination of multiple sciences . It is not only therapeutic for physical, mental and emotional disorders, but it also elevates the participant to a new spiritual dimension effortlessly.


Avdhut said...

May we all revel in his legacy and do his work justice. May he not be missed, but celebrated, for we were blessed by him. Such was his desire.

I give my endless thanks to our divine Mother for his companionship.

Jay Bholo Sundarji, Jay Bholo !!

Avdhut said...

Our commiserations to his family for this loss we all share.

Colin said...

Uncle Arun, a tireless musician, teacher, devotee of Shri Mataji, father figure to his pupils, and good friend. His untimely death has left us all stunned and deeply saddened. In tribute, to ensure that the fruits of his time with us will never be lost, and in the spirit of his boundless enthusiasm, we must ensure that his legacy of divine music scholarship is continued at Vaitarna Music Academy, a hallowed place he loved and where his soul will surely remain for all who knew him there.

Lene Jeffrey said...

Recently I played Apteji's music for a meditation programme. Afterwards one of the participants came up to me with tears of joy in his eyes and said "I can really feel the beauty of his soul in his music". All those who have had the blessing and privilege to learn from you and to be your friend dear Apteji have felt the beauty of your soul. Now your vibrating voice will resonate in the halls of heaven, and we were so very fortunate to hear it here on earth for some time, All our love to you - you will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace and in joy!

anand said...

" mataji will bless him.We lost red rose from bucky of flower"


Lauretta Peirce said...

May you rest in the lotus petals of our holy mother, what an amazing soul. Thank you Arun your heart raag opened my heart chakra, an evening meditation that will never be forgotten, there were flowers coming from my heart and expressing themselves over the entire room, at least that is how it felt. Jai Shri Mataji xxxx