Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Wisdom Tradition (by John Noyce)

This volume examines the ways in which a feminine Divine figure, described variously as the Goddess, Sophia and the Divine (or Eternal) Feminine, has manifested Herself throughout history to guide and encourage those who worship Her.

Descriptions of these visitations - described in the present work as 'visions' - have been found in a wide range of written accounts including materials not traditionally regarded as 'religious', such as philosophy, literature, and those areas of study - alchemy, astrology, theosophy, and various magical traditions - known as Western Esotericism.

Chapter 1: Sophia and feminine Wisdom: from Proverbs to Suso.

Chapter 2: From Boehme to Goethe: visions of Sophia in early modern Europe.

Chapter 3: Sophia and the Russian mystical tradition.

Chapter 4: Prophetic visions of the Divine Feminine in 19th/20th century Europe.

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