Friday, 18 June 2010

Flower Shop in Cabella

(message from Foundation)

Do you sometimes want to send flowers from your country to Shri Mataji but don’t know who in Italy to ask for help?

Do you sometimes wish there was a flower shop closer by to Cabella when you want to offer a bouquet to Shri Mataji together with your puja gift?

This summer a small team of Sahaja Yogis have set up a flower shop in Cabella, as a fundraising initiative for the Foundation. They are qualified flower arrangers and can make beautiful compositions to meet every requirement.

They operate out of the school building in Centrassi and are ready to take your orders now.
Just write to or telephone +39 328 443 1450.

If you are physically in Cabella, just pop up to Centrassi and they will be glad to take your order.

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